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From "Gunther" <>
Subject Re: decline and fall of modperl?
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2009 16:03:40 GMT
> Perrin Harkins wrote:
>> On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 11:30 AM, Octavian R√Ęsnita <>
>> wrote:
> ...and in most parts of the
>>> world it is hard to find competent perl programmers.
>> ...The job
>> listings for Perl are strong.  They're huge compared to those for
>> Ruby.  Of course Java is massively more popular than either of them,
>> but that doesn't make the perl market small.
> I wouldn't use the word 'most', but here in Southeast Asia it's a real
> challenge to find a Perl developer with significant experience in Perl/
> modperl. Those who do use it as a minor scripting tool in their unix
> administration.
Having run a Perl and Java based technology company in Singapore myself
for a chunk of time in the early 2000s, I agree that there is some truth
to that. We did run into that as an issue and did end up importing Perl
and mod_perl talent overseas including some people who post here
relatively regularly who were able to enjoy a stay in SE Asia.

However, some markets are going to be a bit different. I think what you
are saying reflects also what a search of a Singaporean jobs database has
in it. Whereas in USA and Europe PHP = Perl in # of jobs, even in
Singapore, the number of Perl jobs is less than half of PHP and both small
than Java. From, Perl:18, PHP:51, Java: 210

With that said, that forms a relatively small n looking at one country --
although I imagine there should be little difference in Malysia etc. At
the risk of sounding American-centric, the number of jobs in America and
Europe is nonetheless a good chunk of the technology development in the
world so I believe the statistics are still compelling on those job sites
about relative use of the technology

-- Gunther

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