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From Louis-David Mitterrand <>
Subject decline and fall of modperl?
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2009 13:07:31 GMT
Hi and sorry for the provocative title of my post :)

One of our customers is doing a detailed review of a mason/modperl ERP
app we've built for them since 2001. Prodded by some buzzword-compliant
consultants they are expressing concerns that the app's underlying
technologies - perl, modperl and mason - are becoming obsolete. They
feel that a web application framework must have 'rails' or some other
buzzword in its name.

But their main argument is that perl is declining as a web developement
language. Also they rightly feel that competent perl developers are
becoming harder to find.

What arguements could I use to address these concerns and convince them
that their initial investement in perl is still safe and won't be
obsolete in 10 years?

The client's local developers (who maintain the app we've built) feel
that mason gives too much freedom to write messy code and badly
structure a web app. 

Indeed mason has very little constraints, maybe just slightly more than
straight modperl. So it requires experienced, self-disciplined devs,
which are few and far between.

So my second question is, what perl web development framework should we
recommend to our client? Catalyst looks like a winner, but maybe there
are others?

Thanks for your insights,

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