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From Octavian R√Ęsnita <>
Subject Re: decline and fall of modperl?
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2009 20:57:26 GMT
From: "Byrne Reese" <>
>> The problem is that there are no very many big sites that use perl 
>> either.
>> I knew that Amazon used Perl, than tried to use Java, than... I  don't 
>> know what they use now.
>> Google uses Python, Yahoo uses PHP, Microsoft probably uses DotNet  and 
>> Sun probably uses Java.
> I will add:
> * LiveJournal
> * TypePad
> * Vox
> * Popular MT sites like:
>   - Huffington Post
>   - Gothamist
>   - Talking Points Memo
>   - many, many, many more of course

Do you know other sites that don't use Movable Type? :-)

But even if we talk about Movable Type... I've seen that WordPress is known 
much better than MovableType. Gues why. MovableType has much more features 
than WordPress, however WordPress is better known. Maybe because there are 
much much more interface translations for WordPress than for MovableType, or 
maybe because it uses PHP and there are much more PHP programmers.

If I need to choose 2 wikis, or 2 programs that can be used for creating 
blogs, I would choose one made in Perl, because I use perl, even though I 
know that I would probably just use that program and don't make any change 
in it.

MovableType is a big success of Perl. Too bad that there is no program for 
creating wikis that has the same success.
(I've tried TWiki and I found that even though it has many features, it has 
too much bugs, so finally I started to use MediaWiki which is much better, 
but unfortunately it is not made in perl. I hope MovableType doesn't have 
the same issues.)


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