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From Jonathan Vanasco <>
Subject Re: dealing with empty field names in query
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2009 20:30:20 GMT

On Feb 6, 2009, at 4:58 PM, Phil Carmody wrote:

> In those name/value pairs, according to HTML 4 at least, the names  
> must begin with a letter [A-Za-z]. The empty string does not do so.  
> Garbage in, garbage out.

Part of me agrees with that philosophy.

Another part of me is more practical.

We had to stop using libapreq2 for cookies, because we found out that  
wordpress (being a shoddy piece of software) was generating invalid  
cookies at times.  when apreq encountered it, it segfaulted.

so while the engineering part of me is okay with garbage in / garbage  
out, the management side of me says sometimes you have to expect bad  
data and try to make the best of it - otherwise you lose customers and  

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