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From Michael Peters <>
Subject Re: WELCOME to
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 16:11:33 GMT
Erik Aronesty wrote:

> mod_perl should be *extremely* verbose in pointing this change out to
> developers, as
> it is *extremely* difficult to diagnose.

Maybe ModPerl::Registry should do this, but not mod_perl itself. If someone is trying to get
an old 
CGI script to work under mod_perl then they'd use Registry. But there's no reason to make
the rest 
of us suffer for their old scripts.

> Alternatively, it should be fixed.  But I'm not sure how, since most
> solutions involve creating
> anonymous package scopes which require the recompiling and ruining of
> mod_perl's speed
> benefits.

No, changing your code's structure or scope is not something that should be done automatically.

> Maybe there should just be a big fat warning on the top of the CGI
> module and at the top of mod_perl,
> "Don't use file-scoped lexicals!"  Or something like that.

The problem with that is that they are useful for having things like Singleton's that don't
between invocations of the script (like a Conf object).

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP

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