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From "Carl Johnstone" <>
Subject Deployment strategies...
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2009 17:38:55 GMT
Get a fairly typical mod-perl setup.

We have two load-balanced servers acting as front-end. They run threaded 
apache configured for lots of connections and KeepAlive on. They serve up as 
much stuff statically as possible, everything else is sent through 
mod_proxy_balancer to a number of backend servers.

The three back-end servers run a bunch of Catalyst apps under mod_perl - 
each server is configured for all apps. We've got around 30 sites in total, 
and currently have 6 distinct apps. We're building more new apps for 
different sites.

We've now got a couple of problems:

1) We want to run different versions of the same app for different sites - 
this means I have a namespace problem for MyApp v1 vs MyApp v2 etc.

2) The load times for each app are reasonable, however the load time for the 
whole lot is now getting towards a couple of minutes. However whilst apache 
is waiting for the perl code to load it accepts connections.

What are my deployment options for working around these problems?


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