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Subject Re: Initializing Sleepycat::DbXml (Berkeley, Oracle) objects in
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2009 03:34:57 GMT
Apache is forgiving/robust about specifying nonexistent phase
handlers in httpd.conf and inserts thereto.

I was using event, and had to let each thread open its own DBs
based on an undefined global.  Then I found that the identical
traffic-test exerciser could get 66 files/second back in event
and 1500/second in prefork.  This is under FreeBSD 6.3.

No doubt I had something wrong or "tunable" in event, but at
that point I gave up and will wait for the simple MPM.

Best Regards,

On Jan 15, 2009, at 7:49 AM, Michael Ludwig wrote:

> Mark Hedges schrieb:
>> Probably what you're thinking of is a PerlChildInitHandler
>> so that each mod_perl child process does your connection for
>> you when the child process first forks.
> Yes, that's what I thought. But then I noticed that the
> PerlChildInitHandler I set up is ignored. Apache configuration
> snippet:
> PerlRequire /home/milu/www/eumel/
> PerlChildInitHandler Eumel::Gurke::bla;
> PerlChildExitHandler Eumel::Gurke2::bla;
> These two classes do not even exist, but Apache starts fine.
> When I replace those dummy entries with existing classes, I can
> see they're ignored because I don't see the log output I should
> see.
> Is is possible these are ignored for the worker MPM?
> | In the prefork MPM this phase is useful for initializing
> | any data structures which should be private to each process.
> server.html#C_PerlChildInitHandler_
> It is unclear to me whether this applies to the prefork MPM
> exclusively. Does anyone know?
> Michael Ludwig

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