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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Initializing Sleepycat::DbXml (Berkeley, Oracle) objects in
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2009 15:12:34 GMT
I want to build a mod_perl2 application using Sleepycat::DbXml. This is
the Perl bindings to the C++ interface to Berkeley DB and Berkeley DB
XML, developed by Sleepycat, now owned by Oracle (keywords: DbEnv,
XmlManager, XmlContainer).

Has anyone ever used this combination?

Note I'm using Apache 2.2 with the worker MPM and a suitably configured
Perl (perl -V:useithreads -V:usemultiplicity).

I want to open the environment and the XML container (the database)
during initialization so this doesn't have to be done anew on each

However, I don't know how to do this. Currently, I'm trying to set up
things in (loaded via PerlPostConfigRequire), store the
database environment handle in a global package variable, and access
that from the PerlContentHandler.

(1) Is that okay in principle?

(2) As I'm getting unfriendly SEGVs: Has anyone any experience on using
mod_perl2 with Sleepycat::Db or Sleepycat::DbXml? If so, I can provide
more details on this.

Michael Ludwig

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