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From Michael Ludwig <>
Subject Re: APR, libapreq2, mod_perl2, APR::*, Apache2::*
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2009 14:24:42 GMT
Foo JH schrieb:
> Michael Ludwig wrote:
>> I'd like to reach an understanding of what these ranges of modules
>> and interfaces are intended for. When would I want to use which
>> interface? Or is it all a matter of style and taste?
> Possibly. You will need the standard modperl2 library to even get
> modperl up and running. I would recommend installing libapreq2 as
> well, as it exposes more functionalities that you will very likely use
> (especially if you're used to CGI).

Or mod_perl 1.0, for that matter. Thanks for your answer, it clarifies
things a bit for me, as does this thread:

How to extract name/value pairs from the query string? | ModPerl

Turns out either the CGI module or libapreq2 is necessary for parsing
the query string. I was expecting that functionality in one of
Apache2::RequestRec, or Apache2::RequestUtil, or maybe just Apache2
(which doesn't exist).

It is said in the thread referred to above that "the splitting of the
APIs [...] is strange and confusing", and coming from mod_perl 1.0, I
agree. But it probably has advantages as well.

Michael Ludwig

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