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From David Ihnen <>
Subject Re: preserving request body across redirects
Date Mon, 29 Dec 2008 19:34:25 GMT
Mark Hedges wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Dec 2008, David Ihnen wrote:
>>> Say the application's session times out, but the user
>>> posts something by clicking submit.
>>> They are redirected to the OpenID server but it says
>>> they are still logged in and returns a positive
>>> response.
>> But you can't know that they are authenticated without
>> redirecting them, because you dropped the session data
>> that held that information.
>> I think the obvious answer here is to keep the session
>> data around as long as the authentication is valid for.
>> Or keep this piece of state in a cookie so that it doesn't
>> vanish when your server decides to drop session state.
> But if they time out, and click submit, but the independent
> OpenID server says they're still logged in, or they re-auth
> automatically with the server (e.g. VeriSign Seatbelt
> Firefox plugin), then it should act as if they never timed
> out, i.e. when they come back from the redirect cycle, it
> should continue to submit whatever they clicked.
Maybe you could use something a bit more client side like an iframe 
target, which CAN be resubmitted because the form still exists in state 
on the page despite whats going on in the iframe.

- submit form target iframe
- iframe redirects for auth
- iframe gets auth
- success page activates parent re-submit
- submit form target iframe
- iframe success activates main page success state

Though that is, of course, specific to the application being programmed, 
utilizing client-side javascript active stuff rather than particular web 
server programming to transparently handle it on the server side using 
basic html2.0 type structure.

I have to agree with others that a whole proxying layer to allow it 
seems... excessive.

timtowtdi I guess.


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