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Subject content_type in SSI- or directly-called mp2 scripts
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2008 02:11:45 GMT
My mod_perl2 scripts mostly fall into 2 categories:

1) scripts that are called by URL location, and generate complete  
2) scripts that are called by SSI "include virtual" sequences  
in .html files, and generate part of a page

In some cases scripts of type 1 directly call scripts of type 2 to  
generate parts of their pages.
(Call this "case 3").

My questions are about when to call $r->content_type('text/html')

Such a call is a good idea in category 1, right?

Such a call probably should not be made by the directly-called script  
in case 3, right?
Apache probably can't even tell that a new script has gotten into the  
act, the calling
and called script are both in the undifferentiated sea of mod-perl  
code, right?

In an SSI-invoked script (category 2) is a content_type call a)  
required, b) good practice,
or c) a bad idea?


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