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From "Shibi NS" <>
Subject Apache2::Request in PerlInitHandler and PerlAuthenHandler
Date Tue, 14 Oct 2008 08:28:33 GMT
I have following Location directive in my applications conf file

<Location ~ ^/((download|ARULink|WebApp)/.*)?$>
PerlInitHandler         ARULink::setup_request
SetHandler              perl-script
PerlResponseHandler     ARULink::handler
PerlOptions             +ParseHeaders +GlobalRequest
Options                 ExecCGI
AuthName                Metalink
AuthType                Basic
PerlAuthenHandler       ARULink::MetalinkAuth
require                 valid-user
ErrorDocument           401 /handle_auth_failure

And the ARULink::MetalinkAuth::handler is

sub handler
    my ($req) = @_;

    my $status;
    my $username;
    my $userid;
    my $email;

    # Create a Session object.
    my $req_params = $req->args;
    my $cgi        = CGI->new($req_params);
    my $session    = ARU::Session::get_cgi_session($cgi);


When my handler reaches line '(my $cgi    = new CGI($params);)' the
application is spinning ,seems like $req->args is returning null and
application line number 354 of CGI which is $req->subprocess_env;

Error from log file

Deep recursion on subroutine "CGI::new" at /m/isd/pm/ARULink/
line 114.

Line File                 Sub Called                                    Arg
---- ----                 ----------                                    ---
 359             Debug::stack_trace                             Y
 114      Debug::__ANON__                                Y
 114      CGI::new                                       Y
 354               ARULink::MetalinkAuth::handler                 Y


Any idea how can we get the $req->args which contains request information
in PerlAuthenHandler  or PerlInitHandler

--Shibi Ns--

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