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From "Hendrik Van Belleghem" <>
Subject Re: Skip or minimise Apache log phase
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2008 06:30:11 GMT
Hi André,
If you're looking into the mod_perl approach, you might want to have a peek
at Apache::LogIgnore. I developed the module for Apache v1 and haven't
tested it on v2 but it might be a good place to start.



2008/10/8 André Warnier <>

> Hi.
> Following a message posted on the Apache users list, I am just curious if
> via mod_perl there could be a solution to the following issue :
> A busy Apache server (with several VirtualHosts, why not ?) is being
> accessed from internal network clients (IP address 192.168.*) as well as by
> external clients (any other IPs).
> Among the internal clients are some GoogleBots, which generate thousands of
> accesses, all logged in the access logs of the hosts.  These accesses come
> to generate more than 90% of the total, which really bothers the sysadmins
> when they have to scan any logfile for something else.
> Would there be any way, using mod_perl, to detect such accesses early, and
> to either cancel the log phase for them, or else redirect the logging to
> some sink file, or else at least set some parameter so that the verbosity of
> the log for these accesses would be drastically reduced ?
> (Of course the requests themselves should just go through and still be
> handled properly)
> Looking at the description of the PerlLogHandler at
> I find thhe following paragraph, which tends to indicate that Apache log
> handlers will run anyway, but maybe there is still a devious solution ?
> quote
> First the handler tries to figure out what username the request is issued
> for, if it fails to match the URI, it simply returns
> Apache2::Const::DECLINED, letting other log handlers to do the logging.
> Though it could return Apache2::Const::OK since all other log handlers will
> be run anyway.
> unquote
> Thanks

Hendrik Van Belleghem
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