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From Chetan Sarva <>
Subject Re: 64-bit mod_perl 2 on Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard)
Date Mon, 13 Oct 2008 18:30:43 GMT

On Oct 9, 2008, at 7:08 PM, Fred Moyer wrote:
>> Which is what leads me to believe that I need to build x86_64 perl  
>> and mod_perl to make it work. Are my assumptions correct?
> I have found Leopard's default builds to not be that developer  
> friendly (perhaps a good indicator is that you have to install XCode  
> tools to get gcc and do anything).  I build perl, mod_perl, and  
> httpd from source on my Leopard platforms.  Maybe I don't need to do  
> this, but I've suffered at the hands of Apple's system upgrades  
> enough times that I have found it is worth my while.
>> I ask because I'm having trouble building perl..
> When you go through the perl configure process and it asks if you  
> want to specify any additional CFLAGS, type '-fPIC' - this is needed  
> for 64 bit mod_perl.  I always build perl with the prefix option,  
> and then add the bin location to my PATH variable, and use that to  
> build mod_perl.

Thanks, I figured as much. Perl compilation broke with the following:

/perl installperl --destdir=
Can't load 'lib/auto/File/Glob/Glob.bundle' for module File::Glob:  
dlopen(lib/auto/File/Glob/Glob.bundle, 1): no suitable image found.   
Did find:
	lib/auto/File/Glob/Glob.bundle: mach-o, but wrong architecture at lib/ line 70.
  at lib/File/ line 96
Compilation failed in require at installperl line 132.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at installperl line 132.
make[1]: *** [install.perl] Error 2
make: *** [install] Error 2

Going to configure it and try again. Not sure if I screwed up one of  
the thousand options or not...


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