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From Foo JH <>
Subject Re: mod_perl2 start one script twice
Date Wed, 22 Oct 2008 15:03:24 GMT
It's quite simple really. You're running 2 instances of the script. To 
retain the value of $counter, read up the mod_perl documentation for tips.

CthuMP wrote:
> I have follow simple script:
> !#/usr/bin/perl
> print "Content-Type: text/html\n\n";
> print "Counter: " . (++$counter) . "\n";
> print time(), "\n";
> sleep(20);
> print time(), "\n";
> Starting that script twice in two different browser windows gives me same
> results. In second window I start script after some period (about 10
> seconds) after first script started. First and Second scripts ends at the
> same time.
> So, I misunderrstand, why results are same?
> As I see it, apache must give work to second child processes for second
> request (because first busy). And scripts must end works in different time
> (first script in 10 seconds before second) and give different results (same
> counter result, but different times).
> Even if script runs sequentially for each request, results will difference
> and second script ends after 30 seconds (10 remained for 1st script and 20
> for 2nd). But it is not!
> If I copy script and run two same scripts with different names it works
> fine.
> Second question about childs. I not fully understand, how childs work. One
> child can handle only one script? It's important, because if one child can
> handle different scripts, than module global variables saves their values
> between different script calls.
> For example, if script1 and script2 uses module My::TestPackage, first
> script sets $My::TestPackage::variable = 123, then script2, after it
> request, will see in $My::TestPackage::variable value 123, but I haven't
> seen mention about that situation in official documentations.

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