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From André Warnier>
Subject Skip or minimise Apache log phase
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2008 12:32:26 GMT

Following a message posted on the Apache users list, I am just curious 
if via mod_perl there could be a solution to the following issue :

A busy Apache server (with several VirtualHosts, why not ?) is being 
accessed from internal network clients (IP address 192.168.*) as well as 
by external clients (any other IPs).
Among the internal clients are some GoogleBots, which generate thousands 
of accesses, all logged in the access logs of the hosts.  These accesses 
come to generate more than 90% of the total, which really bothers the 
sysadmins when they have to scan any logfile for something else.

Would there be any way, using mod_perl, to detect such accesses early, 
and to either cancel the log phase for them, or else redirect the 
logging to some sink file, or else at least set some parameter so that 
the verbosity of the log for these accesses would be drastically reduced ?
(Of course the requests themselves should just go through and still be 
handled properly)

Looking at the description of the PerlLogHandler at
I find thhe following paragraph, which tends to indicate that Apache log 
handlers will run anyway, but maybe there is still a devious solution ?

First the handler tries to figure out what username the request is 
issued for, if it fails to match the URI, it simply returns 
Apache2::Const::DECLINED, letting other log handlers to do the logging. 
Though it could return Apache2::Const::OK since all other log handlers 
will be run anyway.


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