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From Mark Stosberg <>
Subject Re: Any success with storing photos in a database? (prevents double-submits)
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2008 18:15:57 GMT

> Take some elements from the form and search for an add in the past  
> <time period>. We did one recently where we took the email address,  
> recipient and amount from the form and then made sure that the same  
> data hadn't already been submitted in the last 24 hours - working on  
> the principle that a user is unlikely to gift the exact same amount to  
> the same person on the same day. The check is trivial compared to the  
> commit.
> FWIW, we looked into this and this approach seemed to be the quickest  
> and most reliable available. If you Google on this, you may find an  
> article or two which support this approach.

This does seem workable and reliable. I suppose I'm hoping for an
approach that can easy re-used across many forms, without much per-form
effort required.

Also, I think for some kinds of changes being submitted, the check of
"has this happened recently" won't apply. 

For example, we allow people to re-order a list of photos. They may well
reverse the ordering a few seconds later and put the photos back in the
original order. (Although that example may not be vurnerable to a
double-submit bug, as it would be valid to submit the same ordering
request twice. )


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