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Subject Re: on-the-fly ServerAlias additions
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2008 11:50:24 GMT
> That's impossible, I am afraid; even PerlPostReadRequest is run after
> the vhost is determined. At runtime you can add only directives that
> are valid in directory/files/htaccess context via $r->add_config.
> The only way is to patch the config file and send the supervisor httpd a
> SIGUSR1 (graceful restart).

Yeah what Torsten said :-)

But I'm lazy and in the past i've used the Include config directive to
load all vhost or server alias directives in a given subdirectory.
Once I add a new config directive, a graceful restart will get apache
to reload the new config directives. So no patching configs really,
just create or delete directive files from the appropriate

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