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From Timothy Partee <>
Subject mod_perl2 with mod_dbd and Apache2
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2008 09:15:31 GMT

    Quick question for the list. I've been scouring Google looking for 
information on Connection Pooling to MySQL 5.0 in mod_perl2 on Apache2 
using mod_dbd or similar, and while I can find docs for configuring 
mod_dbd in Apache2, and am quite familiar with mod_perl development, I'm 
unable to find specific examples online for how to code mod_perl to access 
mod_dbd connection pools via APR... Am I completely on the wrong track? Is 
there another more simple way to implement MySQL DBI connection pooling in 
    I'm running a website that is starting to get enough traffic that 
opening a fresh DB connection via Perl's DBI libs on each request is 
starting to cost me serious time in serving mod_perl pages through 
Apache2, and I'd like to implement connection pooling to improve 
performance. Any suggestions or URLs that could help me get on the right 
track would be muchly appreciated!


- Tim Partee

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