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From "Perrin Harkins" <>
Subject Re: mod_perl2 with mod_dbd and Apache2
Date Wed, 27 Aug 2008 14:51:14 GMT
On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 5:15 AM, Timothy Partee <> wrote:
> Am I completely on the wrong track?

In my opinion, yes.  You'd have to write your own DBI, or a DBD driver
that talks to mod_dbd.  It would not be easy.

> Is there
> another more simple way to implement MySQL DBI connection pooling in
> mod_perl?

There are a few.  You can use DBI::Gofer.  A couple of large sites
already do this.  You can read Tim Bunce's presentation on it for
details of how it reduces your connections.

You can also use SQL Relay:

> I'm running a website that is starting to get enough traffic that opening
> a fresh DB connection via Perl's DBI libs on each request is starting to
> cost me serious time in serving mod_perl pages through Apache2, and I'd like
> to implement connection pooling to improve performance.

You're already running a reverse proxy in front of mod_perl, right?
If not, do that first.  It usually cuts the number of persistent
connections dramatically.

- Perrin

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