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From Collin Monahan <>
Subject Re: newbie question mod_perl2 ajax
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2008 11:27:48 GMT
> Under mod_perl, packages/scripts remain in memory across requests, for the 
> duration of the Apache child.
> The second issue is that, due to the stateless nature of HTTP, requests are 
> dispatched to Apache/mod_perl children at random. You can't store 
> information about a particular user or user's session in a perl variable and 
> expect that user's next request to be sent to the same Apache/mod_perl 
> process. This is why there are so many modules and techniques for storing 
> user session/state information using various files and databases.

Indeed, thanks. I let a javascript function receive the result from the Ajax perl function,
rather than the <div> element directly. Then also in a <script> block I put the
declarations of those few state variables I wanted. I guess that way they will be in the memory
on the client browser side, which is what I intended. Then the javascript can do what needs
to be done to incorporate the server response into the local page state and update the div(s)
accordingly. This leaves me with only two problems, a lack of javascript knowledge and the
cumbersome way to put javascript into strings in the handler module, for example I ended up
escaping some quotes as \\\", others as \", and then the perl quotes as ".


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