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From Jeff Pang <>
Subject a require problem
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2008 13:54:54 GMT
I have began a project, but meet some problems,:)

say there are three dirs:

|- cgi-bin
|- cgi-bin - lib
|- cgi-bin - template

I have a script in cgi-bin, which requires the template file from template dir.
This script also uses a library file (.pm) from lib dir.
Finally the library need to require the former template file too.

say the script is, the lib file is, the template file is myttt.tmpl.

so in

use lib './lib';
use mylib;
require 'template/myttt.tmpl';


require '../template/myttt.tmpl';

When I execute "perl", it can't run, saying the routines in myttt.tmpl can't be found.

How to fixup it? thanks.


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