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From Mark Hedges <>
Subject Re: CPAN tests fail Makefile.PL using Apache::TestMM
Date Fri, 04 Jul 2008 07:03:19 GMT

On Thu, 3 Jul 2008, Fred Moyer wrote:
> > I've been getting cpan-testers results like this.  What
> > should I do?  Thanks... --m--
> See sub test in:

Wouldn't that Makefile.PL die if mod_perl is not installed,
instead of requiring all libs and then running the tests
with them when they are followed by the CPAN user?

Don't I want it to prompt CPAN to follow dependencies?  But
if I override &test in this way, how then do I run the tests
that need to be run once `make` has begun?

Aha, if I use ModPerl::MM then directives will work, nice.

> In short, you override the test target in the Makefile.
> I can't take credit for that code as I stole most of it
> from Geoff's modules :)

Weird with the package namespace and MY:: and whatnot.  But
maybe it should just die if it can't require ModPerl::MM. If
you haven't installed mod_perl and you can't figure out what
to do next, maybe you shouldn't install this module.

> I'm trying to abstract a bunch of this dirty work out in
> Apache::Bootstrap, but that is primarily geared at dual
> life mp1/mp2 modules, so I don't know how this conditional
> test code will fit in.

Sounds like a headache! Yeah I have decided I am too lazy to
live in the past while simultaneously trying to keep up.


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