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From tyju tiui <>
Subject setting a server variable
Date Sat, 14 Jun 2008 02:56:14 GMT


I'm new to mod_perl and I'm having some difficulty understanding a few things.
I'd like to write an Apache module which authenticates a request based on the URL.
I only want the module to deny invalid requests and allow valid requests to be processed as

A more specific example would be like:

    Request URL:
    Module logic: if REALLY-SECURE-TOKEN is valid, allow the request to continue - else, stop
request with an error
  External application logic: if request got here without error then
find the file2download and write it to the output stream - else, show
custom error

I think the best way to do this is something like:

1) Write a module which evaluates the URL and places a variable in the request's scope 
Use mod_rewrite to evaluate the newly set variable and pass execution
to the proper place with any error code that might have been placed in
the variable

I've been reading books, howto's, and on-line documentation for the past two days and I still
have no idea where to begin.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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