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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: mod_perl and perlMagick Write
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2008 16:02:57 GMT
lemur08 wrote:
> Hello all, I'm a newbie with mod_perl so please be patient with me.

You wouldn't believe how patient the people on this list are :-)

Two tips for debugging your kind of present problem, and many others 
with the web in the future :

1) as a browser use Firefox, with the LiveHttpHeaders add-on.
This add-on will show you, for any request to a web server, which HTTP 
headers Firefox is sending out, and with which HTTP headers the response 
comes back to the browser.

2) alternatively, consult your perl on-line documentation for the 
"lwp-request" program.  If you have perl installed on your workstation, 
this program is installed also.  Depending on the options you give, it 
will allow you to send requests to a web server from the command-line, 
and show you details about the response (headers or content or both).
Example :
suppose the URL you use to get the image from your server is :

then in a command window, enter (in 1 line) :
lwp-request -m GET -Sed 

and it will show you which HTTP headers come back with the server 
response.  With the options above, it will not try to display the 
content (the image), which is better in this case.
Try it with e.g.


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