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From Jim Albert <>
Subject Re: graphics in perl
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2008 15:22:25 GMT
Malka Cymbalista wrote:
> We are running perl 5.8.5 on a Linux machine that is running apache 2.2.6 with mod_perl
2.0.3.  Our data is in a MySQL database (MySQL 5.0.45)
> We have been asked to write a web application that requires plotting capabilities.  We
do most of our web programming in perl so I am looking for a perl module that has the following
> 1. ability to create histograms 
> 2. ability to create x,y plots
> 3. ability to zoom in on a portion of the graph
> 4. ability to calculate the distance between 2  points on the graph
> 5. ability to hover on a point and bring up some text 
> Does anyone have any suggestions for which perl modules we should look into?
> Thanks for any information.

There are a lot of perl APIs built over various graphics packages.
You can start with this list:

You might also try searching cpan for some specific keywords, because I 
don't believe all the graphics modules are in that list. For example, 
I've used Image::Magick for doing some basic image resizing and 
conversion, but I don't see Image::Magick in that list.

Jim Albert

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