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From Jim Brandt <>
Subject Re: mod_perl2 newbie DBI question
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2008 18:36:20 GMT

Michael Peters wrote:
> Brian Gaber wrote:
>>         I have modified scripts to work in mod_perl2, but they don't
>> work reliably.  Sometimes they work and then they stop working and then
>> I have to stop and start Apache to get it working again. 
> "stop working" is really too generic a description for anyone to really
> diagnose. It's kind of like telling your doctor "I'm sick, here's my picture,
> tell me what's wrong" :)

Some information that can help:

Is there anything useful in the Apache error log?

What happens in the browser when it stops working?

What platform are you running on (windows, linux, etc.)?

Are you seeing this in your development environment?

Can you reproduce the problem reliably?

>> I am hoping if
>> I supply one of my scripts someone can advise me what needs to be done
>> to make in work fast and reliably and then I can use this as an example
>> to fix my other scripts.  Here is the one script:
> The best way to get help is to make the problem script as small as possible. As
> it stands right now, it's a bit like homework trying to read through your problem.

Jim Brandt
Administrative Computing Services
University at Buffalo

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