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From "Brian Gaber" <Brian.Ga...@PWGSC.GC.CA>
Subject RE: param and mod_perl
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2008 20:56:45 GMT
Here are relevant parts of code:

use CGI '-autoload';
use DBI();
use warnings;
use strict;

# Initial declaration and/or population of global script variables

use vars qw($q);

$q = CGI->new();

open(DEBUGLOG, ">> /tmp/mod_perl_debug.txt");
foreach my $name ( $q->param() ) {
   my $value = $q->param($name);
   print DEBUGLOG "The value of $name is $value for PID: $$\n";


sub print_form {
   my $region = $q->param('region');
   my $dept2show = 'A';

   if ( $q->param('deptLtr') ) {
      ($dept2show) = $q->param('deptLtr') =~ /^([a-zA-Z]{1})$/;

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From: Dondi Stroma [] 
Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 4:38 PM
To: Brian Gaber
Subject: Re: param and mod_perl

Brian Gaber wrote:

> The HTML code that I am selecting looks like this:

That's not necessary. What does your perl code look like now? Also, try
printing/warning the value of $$, which is the process ID. I think
you'll find that the value of your variable stays the same for each

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