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From Torsten Foertsch <>
Subject Re: Handing over the POST input to a virtual included part?
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2008 17:22:42 GMT
On Mon 14 Apr 2008, Geoffrey Young wrote:
> > is it possible to hand over the POST input of a SSI document to a virtual
> > included part of it?
> >
> > I have an SSI document that contains
> >
> > <!--#include virtual="/ptest/$QUERY_STRING" -->
> >
> > This way I can pass parameters that are passed in the URI to the
> > subrequest. But how can that be done if the request method is POST?
> > (There is only one such part that wants to read the input.)
> convert the POST to a GET?  there are docs on the site on how to do this.

Thanks, that is at least a starting point to think. But I don't know how large 
the request body can become. So, I thought of something like read and cache 
the request body in something like fixup of the main request and then insert 
an input filter in the subrequest. The point is the subrequest goes through 
mod_proxy to another server.

How do I insert an input filter in the filter chain of a subrequest? A 
subrequest is created with an output filter chain but nothing for input.


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