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From John Hallam <>
Subject Problem with EXEC_ON_READ, custom block content
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2008 14:44:43 GMT

 	I'm trying to create a custom block directive, following the 
documentation in the ModPerl2 book (or the on-line documentation).  The 
minimal code for the problem I am seeing is below.  I have the following 
block in apache2.conf for the new block <StdVHost ...> and the module is 
in the /root/apache2 tree as required.

PerlSwitches -wT -Mlib=/root/apache2
PerlLoadModule MyApache::StdVHost;

<StdVHost test arguments>

<Directory /var/www >
 	Order deny,allow
 	Deny from all

 	I see two behaviours:  if EXEC_ON_READ is set, by removing the 
string ', #' in the code below, the handler is never invoked -- at least 
die "..." is not visibly executed;  if EXEC_ON_READ is unset, the handler 
is invoked but $cont is just the first line <Directory /var/www> and not 
the whole block.  Neither is what I wanted :-((.

 	The problem seems to have been reported back in 2005, with similar 
code, and an implication that it was to be fixed.  So what am I doing 

Thanks in advance,

 	John Hallam

# PERL module for automating a standard virtual host configuration for Apache

package MyApache::StdVHost;

use strict;
use warnings FATAL => 'all';

use Apache2::Const -compile => qw(RSRC_CONF RAW_ARGS EXEC_ON_READ);

use Apache2::CmdParms ();
use Apache2::Module ();
use Apache2::Directive ();

use Apache2::ServerUtil ();

my @directives
    = (
       # Definition of a StdVHost container
       # Note that EXEC_ON_READ is necessary, according to the
       # mod_perl2 book, but in fact breaks things if included
       # by stopping the handler from being called.

 	  name		=> '<StdVHost',
 	  func		=> __PACKAGE__ . '::StdVHost',
 	  errmsg	=> 'StdVHost minimal test package',
 	  args_how	=> Apache2::Const::RAW_ARGS,
 	  req_override	=> Apache2::Const::RSRC_CONF, #| Apache2::Const::EXEC_ON_READ,

Apache2::Module::add( __PACKAGE__, \@directives );

# Handler for the config directive.
# It is unclear how to get the content of the <StdVHost> directive
# container:  maybe it has not been read when this routine is called?
# With RAW_ARGS, the first line of the content is available as
# $parms->directive->as_string but how do you get the rest??

sub StdVHost {
     my ($self,$parms,$arg) = @_;
     my $cont = $parms->directive->as_string();

     die "StdVHost arg='$arg' cont='$cont'";


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