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From "Heiko Jansen" <>
Subject Re: Missing
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2008 17:30:39 GMT

Am Mittwoch, den 26.03.2008, 12:17 -0500 schrieb
> On 26/Mar/2008 12:12 Heiko Jansen wrote ..
> > Did you really build a shared library?
> > 
> > ./Configure should have asked you if you want to build a static perl
> > a shared object/library
> I have not had anything ask me that in years, but that is a good
>  No, it did not ask me.

As far as I remember I was asked that question every time I build a new
perl (and that's been quite a few).
The only reason (I can think of) to not ask you would be
that ./Configure believes that your platform does not support it.

I just re-executed the ./Configure of perl 5.8.8 to make sure and there
it was:

-- snip --
The perl executable is normally obtained by linking perlmain.c with
libperl.a, any static extensions (usually just DynaLoader), and
any other libraries needed on this system (such as -lm, etc.).  Since
your system supports dynamic loading, it is probably possible to build
a shared  If you will have more than one executable linked
to, this will significantly reduce the size of each
executable, but it may have a noticeable effect on performance.  The
default is probably sensible for your system.

Build a shared (y/n) [n]
-- / snip --

>   Should I recompile with a switch?  If so, what?

None needed


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