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From Heiko Jansen <>
Subject Re: Running Perl::Critic on Web App?
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 13:54:37 GMT

Am Donnerstag, den 27.03.2008, 06:30 -0700 schrieb amiribarksdale:

> I am trying to tighten up the code in a web application I have made--I run
> HTML::Mason and mod_perl--and I was trying to figure out how to run
> Perl::Critic or some other diagnostic tool on the whole thing, so that it
> would be active for every request and I could see problems throughout the
> whole thing. I tried putting it in my main handler, but it only works on the
> handler. I could put a use Perl::Critic on every Mason component, but that's
> tedious. Is there a way to run a module on every request at the mod_perl
> level?

As the Perl::Critic POD tells you, it essentially a static source code
analysis engine.
As such it doesn't make sense to use it they way you describe.
If you are interested how you code performs, you could have a look at


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