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From "Jesse Erlbaum" <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Krang V3.01
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 23:41:43 GMT
Krang v3.01 Release: February 15, 2008

Release Summary

This release adds many new, and often requested features. Krang now supports multiple windows,
permitting users to edit more than one story at a time. A syntax-highlighting text editor
has been added for editing templates and text-based media (CSS, Javascript, HTML, XML, etc.).
Numerous small bugs have been fixed, and performance enhanced. Significant improvements have
been made to Krang's UTF-8 (Unicode) support. Major changes in this release include:

  * Multiple Krang window support.  Edit more than one story at once!
  * Syntax highlighting for template editing.
  * Online editing of text media (e.g.: CSS, Javascript, HTML, text, XML, etc.)
  * Previewing a story now respects edited form fields -- no more endless 
    "save & stay + preview"
  * When editing media, made "Save" and "Save & Stay" buttons automatically 
    publish to preview.
  * Added ability to replace one story with another in one step.
  * Improved UTF-8 support.
  * Fixed numerous bugs and improved overall performance.

About Krang

Krang is an open source web publishing/content management system, particularly well suited
for high volume magazine-style web sites.  Originally developed in 2003 by Primedia, Krang
is currently used by hundreds of well-known web sites including New York Magazine, Motor Trend,
Soap Opera Digest, In-Fisherman, Guns & Ammo, Florida Sportsman, Game & Fish,,
Power & Motor Yacht, and many more.

Krang provides a powerful and easy to use story and media editing environment for website
editors, as well as a complete template development environment for web designers. On the
back-end, Perl programmers can customize Krang to control the data entered in the story editor
and add code to drive the templates to build output. Krang can be enhanced with add-ons containing
new skins and other new features. Krang easily handles large data sets and can manage multiple
websites in a single installation.

Krang Links

Krang CMS web site:

Full change log:

Download from SourceForge:

Mailing lists:

Bug Tracker:

Jesse Erlbaum
The Erlbaum Group, LLC
817 Broadway, 10th floor
New York, NY 10003

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