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From Colin Wetherbee <>
Subject Re: Executing CGI programs from within mod_perl
Date Fri, 29 Feb 2008 02:47:55 GMT
Michael Peters wrote:
> Colin Wetherbee wrote:
>> Basically, I'd like to run the 'mapserv' binary from within mod_perl
> Why? Don't you just want to sanitize the data? If so you can do that in a
> FixUpHandler or even in a separate handler that does an internal_redirect to the
> mapserv's url.

I tried your suggestion, but, in my PerlFixUpHandler, I get the 
following error.

Global $r object is not available. Set:\n\tPerlOptions 
+GlobalRequest\nin httpd.conf

I need $r in order to do cookie and URL processing.

I've tried both with the $r that gets passed into handler and the $r 
from Apache2::RequestUtil->request.

Is there any way around this short of setting +GlobalRequest?  I believe 
I've read before that there's a performance hit if +GlobalRequest is set.



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