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From Raymond Wan <>
Subject Re: handler using a module
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 17:16:58 GMT

Hi Malcolm,

Malcolm wrote:
> Mason uses it's own namespace for the code it generates from your templates. 
> So unless you have a "use lib...; use myOwnFunctions;" in your template, it 
> won't have your functions in scope.

I see.  So if myOwnFunctions is used by many of my components, there is 
no way to have it load once but used by all of the components?  That was 
my motivation for putting the two "use" lines in the handler.  I guess 
in the end, the added execution time is small; I was just wondering if 
there was a more efficient way of doing it.

> imports "myOwnFunctions" into the myHandler namespace, which is visible from 
> Mason (either because you did a "use" or through Mason magic).

I see -- thank you for the explanation!


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