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Subject Re: [RFC] Apache2::DirBasedHandler
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 05:10:30 GMT
The first version of this is now on CPAN, if anyone is interested in it.



> I've found myself writing similar bits of code repeatedly, and figure
> what i'm doing is probably common enough that something like this
> could have a place on CPAN.  I'm mostly curious about if the name is
> appropriate.
> This is just a base class designed to speed the implementation of
> handlers that happen to work in this way.  I plan to do a subclass of
> this that'll have the generic TT generation stuff i'm always using
> stuck into it as well.  I could also see other generic base classes
> like this that might want to make uri's differently.
> The idea of this handler is basically to take $r->uri, and map that to
> a function.  Similar to Apache::Dispatch, similar to what Catalyst
> does and similar to about a lot of other code i'm sure.  This thing
> does work slightly differently though, because i often need it to.
> Here's a quick outline of what it does.
> Given a request for /foo/bar/haha/hoho
> It will loop through the split uri checking for the existance of
> subroutines like this:
> foo_bar_haha_hoho_page
> foo_bar_haha_page
> foo_bar_page
> foo_page
> index
> As soon as it finds one, it uses that function to generate the page.
> The part of the URI that isn't in the function name gets stuck into an
> array reference and passed into the actual page generation function
> function like this
> $self->function($r,$uri_leftovers,$args)
> $args is whatever you want it to be, and is generated by a call to
> $self->init($r).
> here's some code to look at:
> Any input would be appreciated.  I don't really even know if anyone
> other than me is writing ResponseHandlers in this fashion, or if
> everyone is just using Registry, or one of the various frameworks.
> Adam

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