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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Apache::DProf giving empty tmon.out files
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 17:29:21 GMT

> Ok, just tried putting it in there, didn't seem to make any difference to
> the tmon output (naturally, checking after stopping the server). I had
> noticed a reference to APR::Pool in the tmon files before so I would have
> thought it was loading it in any case.

if you want to (again) try Devel::Profiler it's really as simple as adding

   use Devel::Profiler::Apache;

to your  see the t/conf/ files in the D::P (svn) 
distribution for a working example (assuming it passes the tests :)

you also need to start in single server mode or, alternatively, setting 

   MinSpareServers      1
   MaxSpareServers      1
   StartServers         1
   MaxClients           1
   MaxRequestsPerChild  0

at the bottom of your httpd.conf.  note also that you can set the output 
directory via

   Devel::Profiler::Apache->import(output_dir => $odir);

in your  see also

for a list of packages to avoid.

lastly, it's been noted already, but in case you missed it, please note 
that you won't get any data until the child process exits (or httpd is 
shut down), so try killing off the child.

fwiw, I submitted a proposal for OSCon on profiling, specifically how we 
profile "a large mod_perl application" :)  hopefully the selection folks 
find it a worthy topic.


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