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From "Adam Woodworth" <>
Subject Re: Missing HTTP Headers
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2007 22:17:22 GMT
Thank you for the clarification, Geoff!

I've traced this missing cookie header issue down to a very strange
problem:  it seems to be a timing issue somehow.  If I put a usleep(1)
in our code at the start of our perl Response filter, the cookies are
no longer missing for each response.  For that matter if I use
usleep(0) it works, so it seems that delaying the execution of our
code by a very tiny amount (enough for a function call to usleep())
seems to make the headers come out correctly, but I have no idea why
this would be happening.  My first thought is some select() timeout
issue somewhere in the Apache stack but that doesn't really make

To be clear, any arbitrary header we add gets lost, not just cookies,
but I noticed it with the cookie headers.

Anyone have any idea about this timing issue?


On Dec 19, 2007 4:14 PM, Geoffrey Young <> wrote:
> > Client-Transfer-Encoding: chunked  <-- **missing from below**
> > Content-Length: 123434  <-- **missing from above**
> you don't need a Content-Length header of your client uses a chunked
> transfer encoding, so these two are kinda mutually exclusive.
> fortunately, you also don't need to know that - these are both headers
> that apache sets for you when it generates the response.
> it doesn't address your cookie issue, but you don't need to worry about
> these headers in particular.
> --Geoff

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