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From "Jeff Pang" <>
Subject Re: help about Apache::Scoreboard
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2007 15:02:35 GMT
2007/12/14, Malcolm <>:
> On Thursday 13 December 2007 10:00:30 am Jeff Pang wrote:
> > right now I got these exceptions in error_log:
> >
> > [Thu Dec 13 21:53:49 2007] [notice] child pid 4660 exit signal
> > Segmentation fault (11)
> Apache::Scoreboard is basically just a wrapper around the apache scoreboard
> api, so we're dealing with the C layer for the most part not the perl layer.
> The seg faults suggests we're wandering off a bad pointer somewhere. :-(
> Did you try running apache under a debugger to see where it's segfaulting?

Not yet. It happened only on product servers, for test server I didn't
get the errors. but test server doesn't get real users' access.

> > This is my full code (the key string for generating md5 is replaced
> > here for privacy reasons):
> Can you cut this down to just the Apache::Scoreboard using code? That way we
> can be sure that's what is causing the problem.

The Apache::Scoreboard code had included in my before message, which
is not long, :)

> and see what's in the logs.

ok i'll follow your suggestion to see what happened.

> Did you do any of the following from my previous email?

Yes I did.

> What are the values of $ip, $host and $server->client at that point?
> The "uninitialised value" could be any of the above.

I found the problem, the $host seems most time get uninitialised value.
so I comment out the code lines for $host, and it works.

> > And the handler (PerlAccessHandler) seems work not correctly.
> Does it work as a perl request handler? (PerlHandler for mp1).
> Can you get any values at all out of the ServerScore instance?

I didn't try PerlHandler. I need a PerlAccessHandler actually.

Thanks for the responce.

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