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From Ben van Staveren <>
Subject Re: apache responce time for each request
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2007 08:31:25 GMT
You can time how long it takes for someone to download the movie,  
which isn't equal to the time it takes them to view it. Viewing  
statistics can only be had from the player, so as long as your player  
reports back when someone started viewing and when they hit the pause/ 
stop/play buttons, you can reconstruct how long they've viewed the  
movie for.

On Nov 22, 2007, at 3:18 PM, lists user wrote:

> hello members,
> We run a video playing site. For each movie, we want to record its  
> played time.
> ( for example, client A watched movie A for 30 minutes, client B
> watched movie B for 2 hours).
> So I think for each requested movie, it's maybe possible to get
> apache's responce time by modperl.
> But how can I do it from the start? please guide me.
> Thanks always!
> --jen

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