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From Colin Wetherbee <>
Subject Re: Connection Pooling
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2007 03:15:06 GMT
Mag Gam wrote:
> Is it possible to do database connection pooling with mod_perl?
> Currently, all of my source code has a my $dbh. Is it possible to have 
> my database stuff in a pool, and I just include it somehow?

DBI::Pool is a partially complete module for doing this.  Tim Bunce and 
Stas Bekman (I think?) have been working on it, on and off [1].  From 
Tim's DBI road map [2]:

"Connection pooling in a threaded application, such as mod_perl, is 
difficult because DBI handles cannot be passed between threads. An 
alternative mechanism for passing connections between threads has been 
defined, and an experimental connection pool module implemented using 
it, but development has stalled."

If anyone has any more recent information on DBI::Pool or related 
efforts, I'd be interested in it, too.



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