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From Michael Lackhoff <>
Subject Re: Parallel processing within mod_perl
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2007 08:35:03 GMT
On 14.11.2007 17:03 Andy Armstrong wrote:

> I've never tried it under MP or MP2 but Parallel::Iterator[1] is
> designed to make this kind of thing easy. It hides the details of
> forking, waiting and getting results back.
> I'd be interested to know if you find it useful. And if you give it a go
> and hit problems let me know - if nothing else I should be able to
> improve the doc / examples as a result :)

Thanks, it really works (more tests to come but it looks good so far)!
I had only some easy to fix problems:
1. in line 434 of I had to replace 'exit' with 'CORE::exit'
2. A minor doc error/misunderstanding: From the example in the POD it
   looks as if the code_ref gets the value as the first parameter:
   sub fetch { my $url = shift ...
   but I get ($index, $url), so the value is the second parameter, not
   the first.
3. My original code returns objects Storable has problems to digest. I
   will have to partly rewrite my code to only return data that is
   easyly serializable and (re)build the objects later.

Thanks for this fine module!

- Michael

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