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From Enno <>
Subject Re: mod_perl, worker mpm and memory use optimisation
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 17:21:35 GMT
Carl Johnstone wrote:
>> I now want to bring down the process size and/or increased shared 
>> memory, and I wondered if anyone knows if it's possible to write perl 
>> in a way that maximises shared memory - eg. can I somehow ensure my 
>> data structures are all together and not sharing memory pages with 
>> compiled code?
> General advice for mod_perl is to simply load as much as you can 
> before apache forks. Beyond that you're getting into the realm of 
> poking into perl's guts which is probably a bad idea if you want to 
> maintain your code base in the longer term.
> Carl
You can also share data in shared memory using memcached or Cache::FastMmap


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