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From Jeff <>
Subject Re: dev environment
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2007 16:38:44 GMT
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Subject: Re:dev environment
From: Octavian Rasnita <>
To: Jeff Armstrong <>, modperl <>
Date: 05 November 2007 15:59:10

> Hi,
> I have just installed MS Virtual PC, but I need to find out if the 
> virtual machines installed with it are as accessible as those created 
> with VMWare.

Hmmm - no graphics running on the virtual PC unless you install an 
xserver - maybe you can choose the font that windows uses to host the 

> I have also tried with VMWare Workstation, and as a test I've installed 
> a Win XP Pro virtual machine under Win XP Pro, and the virtual OS was 
> very accessible (I am blind) but it worked a little slower than expected 
> (even though I have a Core 2 DUO at 3 GHz with 2 GB RAM and a 10000 RPM 
> HD).

Virtual XP and anything that required much graphics will be slower...

but a virtual Linux host dishing up dynamic Apache pages with MySQL etc 
stonks along on my desktop, and runs reasonably fast on my older type 
Laptop - provided you keep its memory max reasonable (I restrict to 
500MB for the virtual host on my 1.5GB RAM single core laptop)

> I wasn't able to use it because I didn't know how to set its share 
> directories and especially its network interface to be able to access 
> the internet from the virtual machine (if it is possible).

XP question (shares! argh) - but yes, the virtual host can access the 
internet and real network just like a normal host. Easy peasy if you are 
running a DHCP server, not too hard, even if you are not. You can 
restrict it if you want to block access to the real network etc.

> But MS Virtual PC might be a very good option... thank you for telling 
> me about it.
> Will I be able to access the internet from the virtual Linux machine if 
> I need to connect to the internet only with a certain MAC address?

Should work fine - there are lots of options. The cleanest is if you can 
add your virtual boxs virtual MAC into your firewall etc, and treat it 
as if it were a completely separate host. If not, you can have your PC 
act as a mini-transparent-gateway for the virtual host.


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