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From Jonathan Swartz <>
Subject error log analyzer/reporter
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2007 18:17:12 GMT
We want to periodically analyze our apache error logs, and send out  
email reports with summaries of new errors that have occurred since  
the last report. Ideally, similar errors would be combined into  
groups, and reported in order of frequency.

This seems like a common task (something I've wanted in some form at  
every job :)) and so I'm wondering, before I write it yet again, if  
there is a good package out there.

I did some googling, but found that most tools are geared towards  
processing access log statistics rather than error logs. We've  
already got that part handled by omniture.

We just started using smolder to aggregate test results - something  
like that for error logs would be fantastic.

TIA for any pointers!


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