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From "Gary Sewell" <>
Subject RE: 32 & 64 bit memory differences
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2007 18:41:28 GMT
Hi again,

As I mentioned we run 4 mod perl servers, theya re all apache 1.3 , 2 are
64-bit 2 are 32-bit machines.

The discrepancies I mentioned in the size of each of our apache instances is
something I don't think I personally be able to get to the bottom of, I have
attempted Apache::Status, this gives out our loaded modules etc but not
specific sizes, so its hard to find what I taking up the 200mb. Lets put
that to the side.

I am interested in the reverse proxy idea. We currently also run a static
image/js/css server and a static php server that runs the static pages we
are able to crate which is very few, 99% of our pages are dynamic and change
every second. Due to the bulk of our code (100Mb @ 32-bit & 200Mb @ 64-bit)
we are only able to set Max Clients to 40. After arriving at a static php
homepage we refer subsequent pages randomly to one of the modperl servers to
share the stress. 

Is our php server acting similar to a reverse-proxy or am I missing out on
something, would a reverse-proxy help us with our setup. We are unable to
cache content and hit live databases for every dynamic page we serve.
Images, js and css are all served from a slimmed down apache server so these
aren't a problem.

Thanks for the input.

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From: Frank Wiles [] 
Sent: 06 November 2007 18:08
To: Mark Maunder
Cc: Perrin Harkins; Darryl Miles; Gary Sewell;
Subject: Re: 32 & 64 bit memory differences

On Sun, 4 Nov 2007 21:28:34 -0800
"Mark Maunder" <> wrote:

> I run lighttpd as reverse proxy in front of mod_perl configured with
> prefork. I average 100 to 200 concurrent connections on lighttpd and
> need 4 mod_perl processes with keepalive disabled to service all
> those requests. [thanks Perrin for suggesting this config!!]
  That's actually a pretty common ratio of front to backend servers.
  I *highly* recommend a reverse proxy for all but the smallest

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