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From Chetan Sarva <>
Subject Finding memory leaks
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2007 02:58:58 GMT
Hey all,

We've got an aging web app running on Apache/1.3.34 (Ubuntu) and  
mod_perl/1.29 which we know has several memory leaks --- apache has  
been crashing of late and we'd like to stop that. For the time being  
we're using Apache::SizeLimit but would like to actually find and fix  
the root causes too :)

So far, the best tool I've found is Devel::Cycle but using it is hit  
or miss. I've applied it in some key spots where we know our data  
model has a parent-child relationship as well as some generic factory  
methods but actually finding circular refs is like a needle in a  
haystack. I've found and fixed 2 so far but am almost certain there  
are others there, lurking deep in the bowels.

Are there any better tools or more generic ways to attack this?


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