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From "Perrin Harkins" <>
Subject Re: Turning off caching
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2007 14:23:24 GMT
On 10/4/07, Ian G. Tyndall <> wrote:
> I've got an existing cgi project that I was hoping to get some performance
> improvements from mod_perl. Everything was going great until I ran into a
> caching issue. The script repeatedly performs the last action given
> regardless of the paramaters passed in.

This is not a caching issue.  It's a scoping bug in your CGI code.
You're doing something with a object or similar that puts it in
a persistent variable.  If you show us some code, we can probably
point out the issue, but it's generally either a global variable or a
situation where you call a sub that uses lexical variables declared in
a wider scope.

- Perrin

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