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From John Humanski <>
Subject Access violation when running Apache and mod_perl under Windows.
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2007 18:32:53 GMT
My apologies for the length of this email.  I am trying to follow the posting
guidelines of providing as much information as possible in order to get a
helpful response.

We are encountering access violation errors when running Apache with mod_perl 
enabled in a Windows environment.  These errors are intermittent and cause a 
hard restart of the Apache server.  Our limited ability to debug the issue has 
led us to the Perl_my_socketpair routine however, we cannot determine under 
what conditions or circumstances the error occurs.  We do know that if we 
disable mod_perl, we no longer get this error.

Any pointers in resolving this issue are greatly appreciated.

Here are the particular versions we are using:

Perl - 5.8.7 (output of perl -V is below)
Apache - 2.0.59 and 2.0.61 with the standard IO patch
mod_perl - 2.0.3
Windows - Server 2000 5.00.2195 SP4

Here is the output of perl -V:

Summary of my perl5 (revision 5 version 8 subversion 7) configuration:
    osname=MSWin32, osvers=5.0, archname=MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
    hint=recommended, useposix=true, d_sigaction=undef
    usethreads=define use5005threads=undef useithreads=define usemultiplicity=define
    useperlio=define d_sfio=undef uselargefiles=define usesocks=undef
    use64bitint=undef use64bitall=undef uselongdouble=undef
    usemymalloc=n, bincompat5005=undef
    optimize='-MD -Zi -DNDEBUG -O1',
    ccversion='12.00.8804', gccversion='', gccosandvers=''
    intsize=4, longsize=4, ptrsize=4, doublesize=8, byteorder=1234
    d_longlong=undef, longlongsize=8, d_longdbl=define, longdblsize=10
    ivtype='long', ivsize=4, nvtype='double', nvsize=8, Off_t='__int64', lseeksize=8
    alignbytes=8, prototype=define
  Linker and Libraries:
    ld='link', ldflags ='-nologo -nodefaultlib -debug -opt:ref,icf  -libpath:"D:\Perl\lib\CORE"  -machine:x86'
    libs=  oldnames.lib kernel32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib winspool.lib  comdlg32.lib advapi32.lib shell32.lib ole32.lib oleaut32.lib  netapi32.lib uuid.lib ws2_32.lib mpr.lib winmm.lib  version.lib odbc32.lib odbccp32.lib msvcrt.lib
    perllibs=  oldnames.lib kernel32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib winspool.lib  comdlg32.lib advapi32.lib shell32.lib ole32.lib oleaut32.lib  netapi32.lib uuid.lib ws2_32.lib mpr.lib winmm.lib  version.lib odbc32.lib odbccp32.lib msvcrt.lib
    libc=msvcrt.lib, so=dll, useshrplib=yes, libperl=perl58.lib
  Dynamic Linking:
    dlsrc=dl_win32.xs, dlext=dll, d_dlsymun=undef, ccdlflags=' '
    cccdlflags=' ', lddlflags='-dll -nologo -nodefaultlib -debug -opt:ref,icf  -libpath:"D:\Perl\lib\CORE"  -machine:x86'

Characteristics of this binary (from libperl): 
  Locally applied patches:
    ActivePerl Build 815 [211909]
    Iin_load_module moved for compatibility with build 806
    PerlEx support in CGI::Carp
    Less verbose ExtUtils::Install and Pod::Find
    instmodsh upgraded from ExtUtils-MakeMaker-6.25
    Patch for CAN-2005-0448 from Debian with modifications
    Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.76
    25774 Keys of %INC always use forward slashes
    25747 Accidental interpolation of $@ in Pod::Html
    25362 File::Path::mkpath resets errno
    25181 Incorrect (X)HTML generated by Pod::Html
    24999 Avoid redefinition warning for MinGW
    24699 ICMP_UNREACHABLE handling in Net::Ping
    21540 Fix backward-compatibility issues in
  Built under MSWin32
  Compiled at Nov  2 2005 08:44:52

Here is the relevant sections of the httpd.conf:

<IfModule mod_perl.c>
    PerlInterpStart        5
    PerlInterpMax        15

    PerlSwitches -ID:/prog/root

    PerlModule Apache2::Status
    PerlModule Apache::DBI;

    PerlModule apache_request_init
    PerlModule apache_advanced_admin_handler
    #needs loaded early for shared data structures (threads::shared)    
    PerlPostReadRequestHandler apache_request_init
    #needs loaded early for shared data structures (threads::shared)
    PerlModule apache_deny_attack
    PerlPostReadRequestHandler apache_deny_attack

    PerlModule Apache2::Reload
    PerlInitHandler Apache2::Reload
    PerlSetVar ReloadAll On
    PerlSetVar ReloadTouchFile apache_reload.dat

    #pass some envs we use to perl handlers
    PerlPassEnv MY_PROD_DB

    PerlModule Devel::Symdump
<Directory "D:/prog/root">

        Options ExecCGI
        AllowOverride None
<IfModule mod_perl.c>
    AddHandler perl-script .mpex
        PerlResponseHandler ModPerl::Registry
    PerlOptions +ParseHeaders
    PerlOptions +SetupEnv

<IfModule mod_perl.c>
<Location /perl-status>
    PerlAuthenHandler apache_advanced_admin_handler
    AuthType Basic
    AuthName "Advanced Admin Password"
    Require valid-user

      SetHandler perl-script
      PerlResponseHandler Apache2::Status
      PerlSetVar StatusOptionsAll On
      PerlSetVar StatusDeparseOptions "-p -sC"
    PerlSetVar StatusDumper On
<Location /perl-reload>
    SetHandler modperl
    PerlResponseHandler apache_reload

Here is the section of the Apache log file that shows the error.  Notice the
child process exiting with status 3221225477.  This is an access violation

[Tue Oct 02 09:17:47 2007] [info] [client] (OS 10054)An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.  : core_output_filter: writing data to the network
[Tue Oct 02 09:17:47 2007] [info] [client] apache_request_init: chdir() to D:/prog/root
[Tue Oct 02 09:17:50 2007] [info] [client] apache_request_init: chdir() to D:/prog/root
[Tue Oct 02 09:17:50 2007] [info] [client] apache_request_init: chdir() to D:/prog/root
[Tue Oct 02 09:17:50 2007] [info] [client] apache_request_init: chdir() to D:/prog/root
[Tue Oct 02 09:17:52 2007] [info] [client] apache_request_init: chdir() to D:/prog/root
[Tue Oct 02 09:17:52 2007] [debug] mod_deflate.c(468): [client] Zlib: Compressed 842658 to 16368 : URL /prog4c.mpex
[Tue Oct 02 09:17:52 2007] [info] [client] (OS 10054)An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.  : core_output_filter: writing data to the network
[Tue Oct 02 09:17:54 2007] [debug] mod_deflate.c(468): [client] Zlib: Compressed 843416 to 16371 : URL /prog4c.mpex
[Tue Oct 02 09:17:54 2007] [info] [client] (OS 10054)An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.  : core_output_filter: writing data to the network
[Tue Oct 02 09:17:56 2007] [info] [client] apache_request_init: chdir() to D:/prog/root
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:05 2007] [debug] mod_deflate.c(468): [client] Zlib: Compressed 844174 to 16375 : URL /prog4c.mpex
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:05 2007] [info] [client] (OS 10054)An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.  : core_output_filter: writing data to the network
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:06 2007] [debug] mod_deflate.c(468): [client] Zlib: Compressed 195 to 157 : URL /index.mpex
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:18 2007] [warn] (OS 64)The specified network name is no longer available.  : winnt_accept: Asynchronous AcceptEx failed.
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:38 2007] [notice] Parent: child process exited with status 3221225477 -- Restarting.
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:38 2007] [warn] PassEnv variable MY_PROD_INTERFACE was undefined
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:38 2007] [warn] PassEnv variable MY_PROD_DB was undefined
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:39 2007] [notice] Apache/2.0.61 (Win32) mod_perl/2.0.3 Perl/v5.8.7 configured -- resuming normal operations
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:39 2007] [notice] Server built: Oct  1 2007 15:21:23
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:39 2007] [notice] Parent: Created child process 9824
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:39 2007] [debug] mpm_winnt.c(486): Parent: Sent the scoreboard to the child
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:39 2007] [warn] PassEnv variable MY_PROD_INTERFACE was undefined
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:39 2007] [warn] PassEnv variable MY_PROD_DB was undefined
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:40 2007] [warn] PassEnv variable MY_PROD_INTERFACE was undefined
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:40 2007] [warn] PassEnv variable MY_PROD_DB was undefined
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:41 2007] [notice] Child 9824: Child process is running
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:41 2007] [info] Parent: Duplicating socket 920 and sending it to child process 9824
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:41 2007] [debug] mpm_winnt.c(604): Parent: Sent 1 listeners to child 9824
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:41 2007] [debug] mpm_winnt.c(407): Child 9824: Retrieved our scoreboard from the parent.
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:41 2007] [debug] mpm_winnt.c(563): Child 9824: retrieved 1 listeners from parent
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:41 2007] [notice] Child 9824: Acquired the start mutex.
[Tue Oct 02 09:18:41 2007] [notice] Child 9824: Starting 512 worker threads.

Here is the relevant section of the Dr. Watson dump:

State Dump for Thread Id 0x26ec

eax=00000000 ebx=0126e0d4 ecx=142ae348 edx=142ae348 esi=24b29e68 edi=00cd74b8
eip=28089af4 esp=0aa7f9c0 ebp=0aa7fa38 iopl=0         nv up ei pl nz na po nc
cs=001b  ss=0023  ds=0023  es=0023  fs=0038  gs=0000             efl=00000206

function: Perl_my_socketpair
        28089610 3bc3             cmp     eax,ebx
        28089612 7d0f             jge     PerlIOBuf_fill+0x101 (28090023)
        28089614 6a01             push    0x1
        28089616 56               push    esi
        28089617 56               push    esi
        28089618 57               push    edi
        28089619 e8346efdff       call    Perl_stack_grow (28060452)
        2808961e 83c410           add     esp,0x10
        28089621 8bf0             mov     esi,eax
        28089623 6a06             push    0x6
        28089625 6834a00a28       push    0x280aa034
        2808962a 57               push    edi
        2808962b 03f3             add     esi,ebx
        2808962d e8dafefdff       call    Perl_newSVpvn (2806950c)
        28089632 50               push    eax
        28089633 57               push    edi
        28089634 e80efefdff       call    Perl_sv_2mortal (28069447)
        28089639 83c414           add     esp,0x14
        2808963c 8906             mov     [esi],eax              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        2808963e 8b4500           mov     eax,[ebp+0x0]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089641 8b4034           mov     eax,[eax+0x34]         ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089644 8b00             mov     eax,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        28089646 8b4020           mov     eax,[eax+0x20]         ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089649 85c0             test    eax,eax
        2808964b 743b             jz      boot_DynaLoader+0x7fe (28098c88)
        2808964d f6402401         test    byte ptr [eax+0x24],0x1      ds:00a79ee6=??
        28089651 7435             jz      win32_stat+0xa2 (28092188)
        28089653 8b4710           mov     eax,[edi+0x10]         ds:0175139e=d5f00008
        28089656 2bc6             sub     eax,esi
        28089658 24fc             and     al,0xfc
        2808965a 3bc3             cmp     eax,ebx
        2808965c 7d0f             jge     PerlIOBuf_read+0xd (2809006d)
        2808965e 6a01             push    0x1
        28089660 56               push    esi
        28089661 56               push    esi
        28089662 57               push    edi
        28089663 e8ea6dfdff       call    Perl_stack_grow (28060452)
        28089668 83c410           add     esp,0x10
        2808966b 8bf0             mov     esi,eax
        2808966d 6a06             push    0x6
        2808966f 684c620b28       push    0x280b624c
        28089674 57               push    edi
        28089675 03f3             add     esi,ebx
        28089677 e890fefdff       call    Perl_newSVpvn (2806950c)
        2808967c 50               push    eax
        2808967d 57               push    edi
        2808967e e8c4fdfdff       call    Perl_sv_2mortal (28069447)
        28089683 83c414           add     esp,0x14
        28089686 8906             mov     [esi],eax              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089688 8937             mov     [edi],esi              ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        2808968a 5f               pop     edi
        2808968b 5e               pop     esi
        2808968c 5d               pop     ebp
        2808968d 5b               pop     ebx
        2808968e c3               ret
        2808968f 68447b0b28       push    0x280b7b44
        28089694 57               push    edi
        28089695 e838e0ffff       call    Perl_croak (280876d2)
        2808969a 59               pop     ecx
        2808969b 59               pop     ecx
        2808969c e977feffff       jmp     Perl_my_socketpair+0xaa5 (28089518)
        280896a1 55               push    ebp
        280896a2 8bec             mov     ebp,esp
        280896a4 53               push    ebx
        280896a5 56               push    esi
        280896a6 8b7508           mov     esi,[ebp+0x8]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        280896a9 57               push    edi
        280896aa 8b4640           mov     eax,[esi+0x40]         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280896ad 8b4e0c           mov     ecx,[esi+0xc]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280896b0 8b1e             mov     ebx,[esi]              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        280896b2 8b10             mov     edx,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        280896b4 83c0fc           add     eax,0xfc
        280896b7 894640           mov     [esi+0x40],eax         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280896ba 8b4604           mov     eax,[esi+0x4]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280896bd 8d1491           lea     edx,[ecx+edx*4]        ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        280896c0 8bfa             mov     edi,edx
        280896c2 2bda             sub     ebx,edx
        280896c4 2bf9             sub     edi,ecx
        280896c6 c1ff02           sar     edi,0x2
        280896c9 47               inc     edi
        280896ca c1fb02           sar     ebx,0x2
        280896cd f6401520         test    byte ptr [eax+0x15],0x20     ds:00a79ee6=??
        280896d1 740b             jz      win32_stat+0xf8 (280921de)
        280896d3 8b400c           mov     eax,[eax+0xc]          ds:00a79ee6=????????
        280896d6 8b4e08           mov     ecx,[esi+0x8]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280896d9 8b0481           mov     eax,[ecx+eax*4]        ds:00000000=????????
        280896dc eb07             jmp     PerlIOBase_dup+0x230 (2808ece5)
        280896de 56               push    esi
        280896df e801fdfdff       call    Perl_sv_newmortal (280693e5)
        280896e4 59               pop     ecx
        280896e5 83fb01           cmp     ebx,0x1
        280896e8 894508           mov     [ebp+0x8],eax          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        280896eb 0f85f8000000     jne     Perl_my_socketpair+0xd76 (280897e9)
        280896f1 8b460c           mov     eax,[esi+0xc]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280896f4 8b5508           mov     edx,[ebp+0x8]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        280896f7 8bdf             mov     ebx,edi
        280896f9 c1e302           shl     ebx,0x2
        280896fc 03c3             add     eax,ebx
        280896fe 8b08             mov     ecx,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        28089700 8910             mov     [eax],edx              ds:00000000=????????
        28089702 8b4108           mov     eax,[ecx+0x8]          ds:14d2822e=827414d2
        28089705 a900000f07       test    eax,0x70f0000
        2808970a 0f84d9000000     je      Perl_my_socketpair+0xd76 (280897e9)
        28089710 a900000800       test    eax,0x80000
        28089715 0f84ce000000     je      Perl_my_socketpair+0xd76 (280897e9)
        2808971b 8b01             mov     eax,[ecx]              ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        2808971d 8b38             mov     edi,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        2808971f 8b4f08           mov     ecx,[edi+0x8]          ds:0175139e=d5f00008
        28089722 f6c510           test    ch,0x10
        28089725 7410             jz      win32_stat+0x151 (28092237)
        28089727 8b07             mov     eax,[edi]              ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089729 8b401c           mov     eax,[eax+0x1c]         ds:00a79ee6=????????
        2808972c 8b00             mov     eax,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        2808972e ff702c           push    dword ptr [eax+0x2c]   ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089731 52               push    edx
        28089732 e98b000000       jmp     Perl_my_socketpair+0xd4f (280897c2)
        28089737 8bc1             mov     eax,ecx
        28089739 25ff000000       and     eax,0xff
        2808973e 83e807           sub     eax,0x7
        28089741 742b             jz      win32_opendir+0x4c (28091a6e)
        28089743 83e805           sub     eax,0x5
        28089746 7405             jz      Perl_PerlIO_fileno+0x2d8 (2808df4d)
        28089748 48               dec     eax
        28089749 7444             jz      Perl_get_context+0xe3c (2809828f)
        2808974b eb7e             jmp     win32_longpath+0x3d (280922cb)
        2808974d 8b3f             mov     edi,[edi]              ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        2808974f 8b4734           mov     eax,[edi+0x34]         ds:0175139e=d5f00008
        28089752 85c0             test    eax,eax
        28089754 740f             jz      Perl_do_spawn+0xd9 (28091765)
        28089756 8078080d         cmp     byte ptr [eax+0x8],0xd       ds:00a79ee6=??
        2808975a 7509             jnz     win32_stat+0x17f (28092265)
        2808975c 8b00             mov     eax,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        2808975e 8b402c           mov     eax,[eax+0x2c]         ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089761 85c0             test    eax,eax
        28089763 7555             jnz     win32_longpath+0x2c (280922ba)
        28089765 8b4720           mov     eax,[edi+0x20]         ds:0175139e=d5f00008
        28089768 85c0             test    eax,eax
        2808976a 745f             jz      Perl_get_context+0xe78 (280982cb)
        2808976c eb48             jmp     boot_DynaLoader+0xa2c (28098eb6)
        2808976e f7c100001000     test    ecx,0x100000
        28089774 7455             jz      boot_DynaLoader+0x941 (28098dcb)
        28089776 f6c580           test    ch,0x80
        28089779 740e             jz      PerlIOBuf_write+0x15 (28090189)
        2808977b 6a2a             push    0x2a
        2808977d 57               push    edi
        2808977e 56               push    esi
        2808977f e89b85f8ff       call    Perl_mg_find (28011d1f)
        28089784 83c40c           add     esp,0xc
        28089787 eb02             jmp     perlsio_binmode+0x77 (2808ca8b)
        28089789 33c0             xor     eax,eax
        2808978b 85c0             test    eax,eax
        2808978d 743c             jz      win32_longpath+0x3d (280922cb)
        2808978f 8b07             mov     eax,[edi]              ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089791 8b4020           mov     eax,[eax+0x20]         ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089794 85c0             test    eax,eax
        28089796 7433             jz      win32_longpath+0x3d (280922cb)
        28089798 8b4018           mov     eax,[eax+0x18]         ds:00a79ee6=????????
        2808979b 85c0             test    eax,eax
        2808979d 8bc8             mov     ecx,eax
        2808979f 7502             jnz     win32_longpath+0x15 (280922a3)
        280897a1 8bcf             mov     ecx,edi
        280897a3 8b09             mov     ecx,[ecx]              ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        280897a5 83792c00         cmp   dword ptr [ecx+0x2c],0x0 ds:14d2822e=827414d2
        280897a9 7420             jz      win32_readdir+0xef (28091ccb)
        280897ab 85c0             test    eax,eax
        280897ad 7502             jnz     win32_longpath+0x23 (280922b1)
        280897af 8bc7             mov     eax,edi
        280897b1 8b00             mov     eax,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        280897b3 8b402c           mov     eax,[eax+0x2c]         ds:00a79ee6=????????
        280897b6 85c0             test    eax,eax
        280897b8 7411             jz      win32_longpath+0x3d (280922cb)
        280897ba 8b00             mov     eax,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        280897bc ff702c           push    dword ptr [eax+0x2c]   ds:00a79ee6=????????
        280897bf ff7508           push    dword ptr [ebp+0x8]    ss:0b4f991e=????????
        280897c2 56               push    esi
        280897c3 e817cafdff       call    Perl_sv_setpv (280661df)
        280897c8 83c40c           add     esp,0xc
        280897cb 8b4508           mov     eax,[ebp+0x8]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        280897ce f6400940         test    byte ptr [eax+0x9],0x40      ds:00a79ee6=??
        280897d2 7409             jz      PerlIO_modestr+0x4c (2808e7dd)
        280897d4 50               push    eax
        280897d5 56               push    esi
        280897d6 e83183f8ff       call    Perl_mg_set (28011b0c)
        280897db 59               pop     ecx
        280897dc 59               pop     ecx
        280897dd 8b460c           mov     eax,[esi+0xc]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280897e0 5f               pop     edi
        280897e1 03c3             add     eax,ebx
        280897e3 8906             mov     [esi],eax              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        280897e5 5e               pop     esi
        280897e6 5b               pop     ebx
        280897e7 5d               pop     ebp
        280897e8 c3               ret
        280897e9 68707b0b28       push    0x280b7b70
        280897ee 56               push    esi
        280897ef e8dedeffff       call    Perl_croak (280876d2)
        280897f4 59               pop     ecx
        280897f5 59               pop     ecx
        280897f6 e9f6feffff       jmp     Perl_my_socketpair+0xc7e (280896f1)
        280897fb 53               push    ebx
        280897fc 55               push    ebp
        280897fd 56               push    esi
        280897fe 8b742410         mov     esi,[esp+0x10]         ss:0b4f98a7=????????
        28089802 57               push    edi
        28089803 8b4640           mov     eax,[esi+0x40]         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089806 8b4e0c           mov     ecx,[esi+0xc]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089809 8b1e             mov     ebx,[esi]              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        2808980b 8b10             mov     edx,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        2808980d 83c0fc           add     eax,0xfc
        28089810 894640           mov     [esi+0x40],eax         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089813 8b4604           mov     eax,[esi+0x4]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089816 8d1491           lea     edx,[ecx+edx*4]        ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        28089819 8bfa             mov     edi,edx
        2808981b 2bda             sub     ebx,edx
        2808981d 2bf9             sub     edi,ecx
        2808981f c1ff02           sar     edi,0x2
        28089822 47               inc     edi
        28089823 c1fb02           sar     ebx,0x2
        28089826 f6401520         test    byte ptr [eax+0x15],0x20     ds:00a79ee6=??
        2808982a 740b             jz      win32_longpath+0xa9 (28092337)
        2808982c 8b400c           mov     eax,[eax+0xc]          ds:00a79ee6=????????
        2808982f 8b4e08           mov     ecx,[esi+0x8]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089832 8b2c81           mov     ebp,[ecx+eax*4]        ds:00000000=????????
        28089835 eb09             jmp     PerlIOBase_dup+0x38b (2808ee40)
        28089837 56               push    esi
        28089838 e8a8fbfdff       call    Perl_sv_newmortal (280693e5)
        2808983d 59               pop     ecx
        2808983e 8be8             mov     ebp,eax
        28089840 83fb01           cmp     ebx,0x1
        28089843 7567             jnz     win32_longpath+0x11e (280923ac)
        28089845 8b4e0c           mov     ecx,[esi+0xc]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089848 8bc7             mov     eax,edi
        2808984a c1e002           shl     eax,0x2
        2808984d 89442414         mov     [esp+0x14],eax         ss:0b4f98a7=????????
        28089851 03c1             add     eax,ecx
        28089853 8b18             mov     ebx,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        28089855 8928             mov     [eax],ebp              ds:00000000=????????
        28089857 f6430920         test    byte ptr [ebx+0x9],0x20      ds:01ce7fba=00
        2808985b 7409             jz      PerlIOBase_dup+0xb1 (2808eb66)
        2808985d 53               push    ebx
        2808985e 56               push    esi
        2808985f e85481f8ff       call    Perl_mg_get (280119b8)
        28089864 59               pop     ecx
        28089865 59               pop     ecx
        28089866 8b4308           mov     eax,[ebx+0x8]          ds:01ce7fba=00000000
        28089869 a900000f07       test    eax,0x70f0000
        2808986e 743c             jz      win32_clearenv+0x2 (280941ac)
        28089870 a900000800       test    eax,0x80000
        28089875 7435             jz      win32_longpath+0x11e (280923ac)
        28089877 8b03             mov     eax,[ebx]              ds:0126e0d4=011cd604
        28089879 6a00             push    0x0
        2808987b 8b00             mov     eax,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        2808987d 50               push    eax
        2808987e 56               push    esi
        2808987f e87609feff       call    Perl_sv_reftype (2806a1fa)
        28089884 50               push    eax
        28089885 55               push    ebp
        28089886 56               push    esi
        28089887 e853c9fdff       call    Perl_sv_setpv (280661df)
        2808988c 83c418           add     esp,0x18
        2808988f f6450940         test    byte ptr [ebp+0x9],0x40      ss:0b4f991e=??
        28089893 7409             jz      PerlIOBase_dup+0x2e9 (2808ed9e)
        28089895 55               push    ebp
        28089896 56               push    esi
        28089897 e87082f8ff       call    Perl_mg_set (28011b0c)
        2808989c 59               pop     ecx
        2808989d 59               pop     ecx
        2808989e 8b460c           mov     eax,[esi+0xc]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280898a1 5f               pop     edi
        280898a2 03442410         add     eax,[esp+0x10]         ss:0b4f98a7=????????
        280898a6 8906             mov     [esi],eax              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        280898a8 5e               pop     esi
        280898a9 5d               pop     ebp
        280898aa 5b               pop     ebx
        280898ab c3               ret
        280898ac 689c7b0b28       push    0x280b7b9c
        280898b1 56               push    esi
        280898b2 e81bdeffff       call    Perl_croak (280876d2)
        280898b7 59               pop     ecx
        280898b8 59               pop     ecx
        280898b9 eb8a             jmp     PerlIOBase_dup+0x190 (2808ec45)
        280898bb 53               push    ebx
        280898bc 56               push    esi
        280898bd 8b74240c         mov     esi,[esp+0xc]          ss:0b4f98a7=????????
        280898c1 57               push    edi
        280898c2 8b4640           mov     eax,[esi+0x40]         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280898c5 8b4e0c           mov     ecx,[esi+0xc]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280898c8 8b1e             mov     ebx,[esi]              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        280898ca 8b10             mov     edx,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        280898cc 83c0fc           add     eax,0xfc
        280898cf 894640           mov     [esi+0x40],eax         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280898d2 8bc3             mov     eax,ebx
        280898d4 8d1491           lea     edx,[ecx+edx*4]        ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        280898d7 8bfa             mov     edi,edx
        280898d9 2bc2             sub     eax,edx
        280898db 2bf9             sub     edi,ecx
        280898dd c1ff02           sar     edi,0x2
        280898e0 47               inc     edi
        280898e1 a9fcffffff       test    eax,0xfffffffc
        280898e6 740d             jz      PerlIOBuf_unread+0x5a (280900f5)
        280898e8 68c47b0b28       push    0x280b7bc4
        280898ed 56               push    esi
        280898ee e8dfddffff       call    Perl_croak (280876d2)
        280898f3 59               pop     ecx
        280898f4 59               pop     ecx
        280898f5 8b4610           mov     eax,[esi+0x10]         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280898f8 2bc3             sub     eax,ebx
        280898fa 24fc             and     al,0xfc
        280898fc 83f804           cmp     eax,0x4
        280898ff 7d0d             jge     PerlIOBuf_tell+0x28 (2809030e)
        28089901 6a01             push    0x1
        28089903 53               push    ebx
        28089904 53               push    ebx
        28089905 56               push    esi
        28089906 e8476bfdff       call    Perl_stack_grow (28060452)
        2808990b 83c410           add     esp,0x10
        2808990e 8b8610010000     mov     eax,[esi+0x110]        ds:24b29f78=2074634f
        28089914 83783000         cmp   dword ptr [eax+0x30],0x0 ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089918 742b             jz      win32_longpath+0x1b7 (28092445)
        2808991a 8b8610010000     mov     eax,[esi+0x110]        ds:24b29f78=2074634f
        28089920 83783018         cmp  dword ptr [eax+0x30],0x18 ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089924 741f             jz      win32_longpath+0x1b7 (28092445)
        28089926 8b8610010000     mov     eax,[esi+0x110]        ds:24b29f78=2074634f
        2808992c 8378300c         cmp   dword ptr [eax+0x30],0xc ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089930 7428             jz      win32_longpath+0x1cc (2809245a)
        28089932 8b8610010000     mov     eax,[esi+0x110]        ds:24b29f78=2074634f
        28089938 8b4030           mov     eax,[eax+0x30]         ds:00a79ee6=????????
        2808993b 8b00             mov     eax,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        2808993d 8b00             mov     eax,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        2808993f f6400904         test    byte ptr [eax+0x9],0x4       ds:00a79ee6=??
        28089943 7515             jnz     win32_longpath+0x1cc (2809245a)
        28089945 8b8610010000     mov     eax,[esi+0x110]        ds:24b29f78=2074634f
        2808994b 83783000         cmp   dword ptr [eax+0x30],0x0 ds:00a79ee6=????????
        2808994f 7511             jnz     boot_DynaLoader+0xad8 (28098f62)
        28089951 f6860f03000001   test    byte ptr [esi+0x30f],0x1     ds:24b2a177=14
        28089958 7408             jz      win32_unlink+0xe (28092662)
        2808995a 8d8e88090000     lea     ecx,[esi+0x988]        ds:24b2a7f0=00000000
        28089960 eb06             jmp     win32_unlink+0x14 (28092668)
        28089962 8d8e7c090000     lea     ecx,[esi+0x97c]        ds:24b2a7e4=010a9d78
        28089968 8b560c           mov     edx,[esi+0xc]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        2808996b 8bc7             mov     eax,edi
        2808996d c1e002           shl     eax,0x2
        28089970 5f               pop     edi
        28089971 890c10           mov     [eax+edx],ecx          ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        28089974 03460c           add     eax,[esi+0xc]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089977 8906             mov     [esi],eax              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089979 5e               pop     esi
        2808997a 5b               pop     ebx
        2808997b c3               ret
        2808997c 56               push    esi
        2808997d 8bf1             mov     esi,ecx
        2808997f 8d4614           lea     eax,[esi+0x14]         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089982 c706a09c0928     mov dword ptr [esi],0x28099ca0 ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089988 50               push    eax
        28089989 c7461001000000   mov   dword ptr [esi+0x10],0x1 ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089990 ff15b8900928                                    ds:280990b8=7c5998b0
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xc2e (280990b8)]
        28089996 8d4604           lea     eax,[esi+0x4]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089999 68207f0b28       push    0x280b7f20
        2808999e 894608           mov     [esi+0x8],eax          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280899a1 89760c           mov     [esi+0xc],esi          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280899a4 8900             mov     [eax],eax              ds:00000000=????????
        280899a6 ff1524900928                                    ds:28099024=7c590221
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xb9a (28099024)]
        280899ac 85c0             test    eax,eax
        280899ae 89462c           mov     [esi+0x2c],eax         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280899b1 742d             jz      PerlIOBase_dup+0x62b (2808f0e0)
        280899b3 57               push    edi
        280899b4 8b3d20900928                                    ds:28099020=7c590cab
                                  mov     edi,[boot_DynaLoader+0xb96 (28099020)]
        280899ba 68187f0b28       push    0x280b7f18
        280899bf 50               push    eax
        280899c0 ffd7             call    edi
        280899c2 68107f0b28       push    0x280b7f10
        280899c7 894630           mov     [esi+0x30],eax         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280899ca ff762c           push    dword ptr [esi+0x2c]   ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280899cd ffd7             call    edi
        280899cf 68087f0b28       push    0x280b7f08
        280899d4 894634           mov     [esi+0x34],eax         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280899d7 ff762c           push    dword ptr [esi+0x2c]   ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280899da ffd7             call    edi
        280899dc 894638           mov     [esi+0x38],eax         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        280899df 5f               pop     edi
        280899e0 8bc6             mov     eax,esi
        280899e2 5e               pop     esi
        280899e3 c3               ret
        280899e4 56               push    esi
        280899e5 57               push    edi
        280899e6 8bf9             mov     edi,ecx
        280899e8 c707a09c0928     mov dword ptr [edi],0x28099ca0 ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        280899ee 8d7704           lea     esi,[edi+0x4]          ds:0175139e=d5f00008
        280899f1 8b06             mov     eax,[esi]              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        280899f3 3bc6             cmp     eax,esi
        280899f5 740d             jz      win32_closedir+0x7 (28091d04)
        280899f7 83c00c           add     eax,0xc
        280899fa 8bcf             mov     ecx,edi
        280899fc 50               push    eax
        280899fd e8c1000000       call    Perl_my_socketpair+0x1050 (28089ac3)
        28089a02 ebed             jmp     win32_times+0x2b (280925f1)
        28089a04 8b472c           mov     eax,[edi+0x2c]         ds:0175139e=d5f00008
        28089a07 85c0             test    eax,eax
        28089a09 7407             jz      PerlIOBase_eof+0x5 (2808ea12)
        28089a0b 50               push    eax
        28089a0c ff152c900928                                    ds:2809902c=7c59084b
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xba2 (2809902c)]
        28089a12 83c714           add     edi,0x14
        28089a15 57               push    edi
        28089a16 ff1528900928                                    ds:28099028=77f8f0b2
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xb9e (28099028)]
        28089a1c 5f               pop     edi
        28089a1d 5e               pop     esi
        28089a1e c3               ret
        28089a1f 56               push    esi
        28089a20 8bf1             mov     esi,ecx
        28089a22 57               push    edi
        28089a23 8b06             mov     eax,[esi]              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089a25 ff500c           call    dword ptr [eax+0xc]    ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089a28 8b44240c         mov     eax,[esp+0xc]          ss:0b4f98a7=????????
        28089a2c 83c00c           add     eax,0xc
        28089a2f 50               push    eax
        28089a30 ff5634           call    dword ptr [esi+0x34]   ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089a33 8bf8             mov     edi,eax
        28089a35 8d4604           lea     eax,[esi+0x4]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089a38 59               pop     ecx
        28089a39 8b08             mov     ecx,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        28089a3b 8938             mov     [eax],edi              ds:00000000=????????
        28089a3d 894704           mov     [edi+0x4],eax          ds:0175139e=d5f00008
        28089a40 890f             mov     [edi],ecx              ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089a42 897708           mov     [edi+0x8],esi          ds:0175139e=d5f00008
        28089a45 897904           mov     [ecx+0x4],edi          ds:14d2822e=827414d2
        28089a48 8b06             mov     eax,[esi]              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089a4a 8bce             mov     ecx,esi
        28089a4c ff5010           call    dword ptr [eax+0x10]   ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089a4f 8d470c           lea     eax,[edi+0xc]          ds:0175139e=d5f00008
        28089a52 5f               pop     edi
        28089a53 5e               pop     esi
        28089a54 c20400           ret     0x4
        28089a57 53               push    ebx
        28089a58 56               push    esi
        28089a59 8b74240c         mov     esi,[esp+0xc]          ss:0b4f98a7=????????
        28089a5d 57               push    edi
        28089a5e 85f6             test    esi,esi
        28089a60 8bf9             mov     edi,ecx
        28089a62 750a             jnz     win32_putenv+0x20 (2809256e)
        28089a64 8b07             mov     eax,[edi]              ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089a66 ff742414         push    dword ptr [esp+0x14]   ss:0b4f98a7=????????
        28089a6a ff10             call    dword ptr [eax]        ds:00000000=????????
        28089a6c eb4f             jmp     win32_putenv+0x6f (280925bd)
        28089a6e 8b5c2414         mov     ebx,[esp+0x14]         ss:0b4f98a7=????????
        28089a72 8b07             mov     eax,[edi]              ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089a74 85db             test    ebx,ebx
        28089a76 750a             jnz     PerlIOBase_dup+0x5cd (2808f082)
        28089a78 56               push    esi
        28089a79 8bcf             mov     ecx,edi
        28089a7b ff5008           call    dword ptr [eax+0x8]    ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089a7e 33c0             xor     eax,eax
        28089a80 eb3b             jmp     win32_putenv+0x6f (280925bd)
        28089a82 8bcf             mov     ecx,edi
        28089a84 ff500c           call    dword ptr [eax+0xc]    ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089a87 8b56f8           mov     edx,[esi+0xf8]         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089a8a 8b4ef4           mov     ecx,[esi+0xf4]         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089a8d 8d46f4           lea     eax,[esi+0xf4]         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089a90 83c30c           add     ebx,0xc
        28089a93 53               push    ebx
        28089a94 890a             mov     [edx],ecx              ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        28089a96 50               push    eax
        28089a97 895104           mov     [ecx+0x4],edx          ds:14d2822e=827414d2
        28089a9a ff5738           call    dword ptr [edi+0x38]   ds:0175139e=d5f00008
        28089a9d 59               pop     ecx
        28089a9e 8bf0             mov     esi,eax
        28089aa0 8d4704           lea     eax,[edi+0x4]          ds:0175139e=d5f00008
        28089aa3 59               pop     ecx
        28089aa4 8b08             mov     ecx,[eax]              ds:00000000=????????
        28089aa6 8930             mov     [eax],esi              ds:00000000=????????
        28089aa8 894604           mov     [esi+0x4],eax          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089aab 890e             mov     [esi],ecx              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089aad 897e08           mov     [esi+0x8],edi          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089ab0 897104           mov     [ecx+0x4],esi          ds:14d2822e=827414d2
        28089ab3 8b07             mov     eax,[edi]              ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089ab5 8bcf             mov     ecx,edi
        28089ab7 ff5010           call    dword ptr [eax+0x10]   ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089aba 8d460c           lea     eax,[esi+0xc]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089abd 5f               pop     edi
        28089abe 5e               pop     esi
        28089abf 5b               pop     ebx
        28089ac0 c20800           ret     0x8
        28089ac3 8b442404         mov     eax,[esp+0x4]          ss:0b4f98a7=????????
        28089ac7 56               push    esi
        28089ac8 57               push    edi
        28089ac9 8bf9             mov     edi,ecx
        28089acb 85c0             test    eax,eax
        28089acd 744f             jz      win32_utime+0x158 (2809281e)
        28089acf 8d70f4           lea     esi,[eax+0xf4]         ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089ad2 8b40fc           mov     eax,[eax+0xfc]         ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089ad5 3bc7             cmp     eax,edi
        28089ad7 7424             jz      win32_kill+0x297 (28091ffd)
        28089ad9 85c0             test    eax,eax
        28089adb 7441             jz      Perl_get_context+0xecb (2809831e)
        28089add e871d90000       call    Perl_get_context (28097453)
        28089ae2 ff7608           push    dword ptr [esi+0x8]    ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089ae5 57               push    edi
        28089ae6 682c7f0b28       push    0x280b7f2c
        28089aeb 50               push    eax
        28089aec e890deffff       call    Perl_warn (28087981)
        28089af1 83c410           add     esp,0x10
FAULT ->28089af4 83250000000000   and   dword ptr [00000000],0x0 ds:00000000=????????
        28089afb eb21             jmp     win32_times+0x58 (2809261e)
        28089afd 8b07             mov     eax,[edi]              ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089aff 8bcf             mov     ecx,edi
        28089b01 ff500c           call    dword ptr [eax+0xc]    ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089b04 8b4e04           mov     ecx,[esi+0x4]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089b07 8b06             mov     eax,[esi]              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089b09 56               push    esi
        28089b0a 8901             mov     [ecx],eax              ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        28089b0c 894804           mov     [eax+0x4],ecx          ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089b0f 83660800         and    dword ptr [esi+0x8],0x0 ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089b13 ff5730           call    dword ptr [edi+0x30]   ds:0175139e=d5f00008
        28089b16 8b07             mov     eax,[edi]              ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089b18 59               pop     ecx
        28089b19 8bcf             mov     ecx,edi
        28089b1b ff5010           call    dword ptr [eax+0x10]   ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089b1e 5f               pop     edi
        28089b1f 5e               pop     esi
        28089b20 c20400           ret     0x4
        28089b23 83c114           add     ecx,0x14
        28089b26 51               push    ecx
        28089b27 ff1560910928                                    ds:28099160=77f87ee0
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xcd6 (28099160)]
        28089b2d c3               ret
        28089b2e 83c114           add     ecx,0x14
        28089b31 51               push    ecx
        28089b32 ff1564910928                                    ds:28099164=77f87fc0
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xcda (28099164)]
        28089b38 c3               ret
        28089b39 56               push    esi
        28089b3a 8bf1             mov     esi,ecx
        28089b3c 57               push    edi
        28089b3d 8d4610           lea     eax,[esi+0x10]         ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089b40 50               push    eax
        28089b41 ff1530900928                                    ds:28099030=7c57b594
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xba6 (28099030)]
        28089b47 8bf8             mov     edi,eax
        28089b49 85ff             test    edi,edi
        28089b4b 7512             jnz     win32_kill+0x2f9 (2809205f)
        28089b4d 85f6             test    esi,esi
        28089b4f 740e             jz      win32_unlink+0xb (2809265f)
        28089b51 8bce             mov     ecx,esi
        28089b53 e88cfeffff       call    Perl_my_socketpair+0xf71 (280899e4)
        28089b58 56               push    esi
        28089b59 e8e2ed0000       call    boot_DynaLoader+0x4b6 (28098940)
        28089b5e 59               pop     ecx
        28089b5f 8bc7             mov     eax,edi
        28089b61 5f               pop     edi
        28089b62 5e               pop     esi
        28089b63 c3               ret
        28089b64 83c110           add     ecx,0x10
        28089b67 51               push    ecx
        28089b68 ff1534900928                                    ds:28099034=7c57b580
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xbaa (28099034)]
        28089b6e c3               ret
        28089b6f 8b442404         mov     eax,[esp+0x4]          ss:0b4f98a7=????????
        28089b73 56               push    esi
        28089b74 8bf1             mov     esi,ecx
        28089b76 6a6c             push    0x6c
        28089b78 6a00             push    0x0
        28089b7a 83660400         and    dword ptr [esi+0x4],0x0 ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089b7e 894608           mov     [esi+0x8],eax          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089b81 8d460c           lea     eax,[esi+0xc]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089b84 50               push    eax
        28089b85 e838ed0000       call    boot_DynaLoader+0x438 (280988c2)
        28089b8a 6a6c             push    0x6c
        28089b8c 8d8680010000     lea     eax,[esi+0x180]        ds:24b29fe8=33303031
        28089b92 6a00             push    0x0
        28089b94 50               push    eax
        28089b95 e828ed0000       call    boot_DynaLoader+0x438 (280988c2)
        28089b9a 83c418           add     esp,0x18
        28089b9d 8bc6             mov     eax,esi
        28089b9f 5e               pop     esi
        28089ba0 c20400           ret     0x4
        28089ba3 55               push    ebp
        28089ba4 8bec             mov     ebp,esp
        28089ba6 b8701b0000       mov     eax,0x1b70
        28089bab e860ed0000       call    boot_DynaLoader+0x486 (28098910)
        28089bb0 8b450c           mov     eax,[ebp+0xc]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089bb3 53               push    ebx
        28089bb4 8b5d08           mov     ebx,[ebp+0x8]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089bb7 56               push    esi
        28089bb8 57               push    edi
        28089bb9 8bf1             mov     esi,ecx
        28089bbb 33ff             xor     edi,edi
        28089bbd 3bdf             cmp     ebx,edi
        28089bbf 8906             mov     [esi],eax              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089bc1 7422             jz      PerlIO_importFILE+0x68 (2808f2e5)
        28089bc3 57               push    edi
        28089bc4 57               push    edi
        28089bc5 8bcb             mov     ecx,ebx
        28089bc7 e8a0000000       call    Perl_my_socketpair+0x11f9 (28089c6c)
        28089bcc 50               push    eax
        28089bcd 8bce             mov     ecx,esi
        28089bcf e881020000       call    Perl_my_socketpair+0x13e2 (28089e55)
        28089bd4 47               inc     edi
        28089bd5 83ff1b           cmp     edi,0x1b
        28089bd8 7ce9             jl      win32_utime+0xfd (280927c3)
        28089bda 8b4304           mov     eax,[ebx+0x4]          ds:01ce7fba=00000000
        28089bdd 894604           mov     [esi+0x4],eax          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089be0 e980000000       jmp     Perl_my_socketpair+0x11f2 (28089c65)
        28089be5 8b4608           mov     eax,[esi+0x8]          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089be8 897e08           mov     [esi+0x8],edi          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089beb 8945fc           mov     [ebp+0xfc],eax         ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089bee ff1544900928                                    ds:28099044=7c57ebf1
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xbba (28099044)]
        28089bf4 894508           mov     [ebp+0x8],eax          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089bf7 8d8590e4ffff     lea     eax,[ebp+0xffffe490]   ss:0aa7dec8=01f52edc
        28089bfd 50               push    eax
        28089bfe 686c1b0000       push    0x1b6c
        28089c03 ff1540900928                                    ds:28099040=7c59417e
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xbb6 (28099040)]
        28089c09 85c0             test    eax,eax
        28089c0b 7446             jz      PL_freq+0x1e7 (28099b53)
        28089c0d ff153c900928                                    ds:2809903c=7c596ef6
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xbb2 (2809903c)]
        28089c13 89450c           mov     [ebp+0xc],eax          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089c16 8dbd90e4ffff     lea     edi,[ebp+0xffffe490]   ss:0aa7dec8=01f52edc
        28089c1c 33db             xor     ebx,ebx
        28089c1e 6a01             push    0x1
        28089c20 8bcb             mov     ecx,ebx
        28089c22 58               pop     eax
        28089c23 d3e0             shl     eax,cl
        28089c25 8b4d08           mov     ecx,[ebp+0x8]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089c28 85c1             test    ecx,eax
        28089c2a 7418             jz      PerlIOBase_dup+0x48f (2808ef44)
        28089c2c 53               push    ebx
        28089c2d 57               push    edi
        28089c2e 8bce             mov     ecx,esi
        28089c30 e866000000       call    Perl_my_socketpair+0x1228 (28089c9b)
        28089c35 53               push    ebx
        28089c36 8bce             mov     ecx,esi
        28089c38 ff750c           push    dword ptr [ebp+0xc]    ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089c3b 8d7c0701         lea     edi,[edi+eax+0x1]      ds:00a79ee7=????????
        28089c3f e84a010000       call    Perl_my_socketpair+0x131b (28089d8e)
        28089c44 43               inc     ebx
        28089c45 83fb1b           cmp     ebx,0x1b
        28089c48 7cd4             jl      PL_regkind+0x7e (28099c1e)
        28089c4a ff750c           push    dword ptr [ebp+0xc]    ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089c4d ff1538900928                                    ds:28099038=7c596e4b
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xbae (28099038)]
        28089c53 68d0d90a28       push    0x280ad9d0
        28089c58 8bce             mov     ecx,esi
        28089c5a e880010000       call    Perl_my_socketpair+0x136c (28089ddf)
        28089c5f 8b45fc           mov     eax,[ebp+0xfc]         ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089c62 894608           mov     [esi+0x8],eax          ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089c65 5f               pop     edi
        28089c66 5e               pop     esi
        28089c67 5b               pop     ebx
        28089c68 c9               leave
        28089c69 c20800           ret     0x8
        28089c6c 8b542404         mov     edx,[esp+0x4]          ss:0b4f98a7=????????
        28089c70 8b849180010000   mov     eax,[ecx+edx*4+0x180]  ds:142ae4c8=ffffffff
        28089c77 85c0             test    eax,eax
        28089c79 751d             jnz     win32_uname+0x120 (28092998)
        28089c7b 8d81ec010000     lea     eax,[ecx+0x1ec]        ds:142ae534=ffffffff
        28089c81 83c241           add     edx,0x41
        28089c84 6683600600       and     word ptr [eax+0x6],0x0     ds:00a79ee7=????
        28089c89 668910           mov     [eax],dx                   ds:00000000=????
        28089c8c 66c740023a00     mov     word ptr [eax+0x2],0x3a    ds:00a79ee7=????
        28089c92 66c740045c00     mov     word ptr [eax+0x4],0x5c    ds:00a79ee7=????
        28089c98 c20400           ret     0x4
        28089c9b 55               push    ebp
        28089c9c 8bec             mov     ebp,esp
        28089c9e 81ec10020000     sub     esp,0x210
        28089ca4 53               push    ebx
        28089ca5 56               push    esi
        28089ca6 57               push    edi
        28089ca7 8b7d0c           mov     edi,[ebp+0xc]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089caa 33db             xor     ebx,ebx
        28089cac 83ff1b           cmp     edi,0x1b
        28089caf 8bf1             mov     esi,ecx
        28089cb1 0f8dbf000000     jnl     Perl_my_socketpair+0x1303 (28089d76)
        28089cb7 395d08           cmp     [ebp+0x8],ebx          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089cba 0f84b6000000     je      Perl_my_socketpair+0x1303 (28089d76)
        28089cc0 ff7508           push    dword ptr [ebp+0x8]    ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089cc3 e8f4eb0000       call    boot_DynaLoader+0x432 (280988bc)
        28089cc8 59               pop     ecx
        28089cc9 8d7cbe0c         lea     edi,[esi+edi*4+0xc]    ds:0175139f=87d5f000
        28089ccd 8b0e             mov     ecx,[esi]              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089ccf 8bd8             mov     ebx,eax
        28089cd1 ff37             push    dword ptr [edi]        ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089cd3 8b01             mov     eax,[ecx]              ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        28089cd5 ff5008           call    dword ptr [eax+0x8]    ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089cd8 8b0e             mov     ecx,[esi]              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089cda 8d5302           lea     edx,[ebx+0x2]          ds:01ce7fba=00000000
        28089cdd 52               push    edx
        28089cde 8b01             mov     eax,[ecx]              ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        28089ce0 ff10             call    dword ptr [eax]        ds:00000000=????????
        28089ce2 85c0             test    eax,eax
        28089ce4 8945fc           mov     [ebp+0xfc],eax         ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089ce7 8907             mov     [edi],eax              ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089ce9 0f8487000000     je      Perl_my_socketpair+0x1303 (28089d76)
        28089cef ff7508           push    dword ptr [ebp+0x8]    ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089cf2 50               push    eax
        28089cf3 e8dceb0000       call    boot_DynaLoader+0x44a (280988d4)
        28089cf8 8b45fc           mov     eax,[ebp+0xfc]         ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089cfb 59               pop     ecx
        28089cfc 59               pop     ecx
        28089cfd 8d5c18ff         lea     ebx,[eax+ebx+0xff]     ds:01ce7fbb=00000000
        28089d01 8a03             mov     al,[ebx]                     ds:0126e0d4=04
        28089d03 43               inc     ebx
        28089d04 3c5c             cmp     al,0x5c
        28089d06 740b             jz      PerlIO_push+0x2d (2808d913)
        28089d08 3c2f             cmp     al,0x2f
        28089d0a 7407             jz      Perl_sys_intern_init+0x34 (28096313)
        28089d0c c6035c           mov     byte ptr [ebx],0x5c          ds:0126e0d4=04
        28089d0f 80630100         and     byte ptr [ebx+0x1],0x0       ds:01ce7fba=00
        28089d13 8d85f0fdffff     lea     eax,[ebp+0xfffffdf0]   ss:0aa7f828=00007331
        28089d19 6805010000       push    0x105
        28089d1e 50               push    eax
        28089d1f 6aff             push    0xff
        28089d21 ff37             push    dword ptr [edi]        ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089d23 6a00             push    0x0
        28089d25 6a00             push    0x0
        28089d27 ff154c900928                                    ds:2809904c=7c5b87e2
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xbc2 (2809904c)]
        28089d2d 8d85f0fdffff     lea     eax,[ebp+0xfffffdf0]   ss:0aa7f828=00007331
        28089d33 50               push    eax
        28089d34 ff1554920928                                    ds:28099254=780104a8
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xdca (28099254)]
        28089d3a 8bd8             mov     ebx,eax
        28089d3c 8b450c           mov     eax,[ebp+0xc]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089d3f 59               pop     ecx
        28089d40 8b0e             mov     ecx,[esi]              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089d42 ffb48680010000 push dword ptr [esi+eax*4+0x180] ds:00000180=????????
        28089d49 8dbc8680010000   lea     edi,[esi+eax*4+0x180]  ds:00000180=????????
        28089d50 8b01             mov     eax,[ecx]              ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        28089d52 ff5008           call    dword ptr [eax+0x8]    ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089d55 8b0e             mov     ecx,[esi]              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089d57 8d541b02         lea     edx,[ebx+ebx+0x2]      ds:01ce7fbb=00000000
        28089d5b 52               push    edx
        28089d5c 8b01             mov     eax,[ecx]              ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        28089d5e ff10             call    dword ptr [eax]        ds:00000000=????????
        28089d60 85c0             test    eax,eax
        28089d62 8907             mov     [edi],eax              ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089d64 7410             jz      win32_uname+0x1fe (28092a76)
        28089d66 8d8df0fdffff     lea     ecx,[ebp+0xfffffdf0]   ss:0aa7f828=00007331
        28089d6c 51               push    ecx
        28089d6d 50               push    eax
        28089d6e ff1550920928                                    ds:28099250=7801048c
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xdc6 (28099250)]
        28089d74 59               pop     ecx
        28089d75 59               pop     ecx
        28089d76 837e0800         cmp    dword ptr [esi+0x8],0x0 ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089d7a 7409             jz      PL_simple+0x11 (28099c85)
        28089d7c ff7508           push    dword ptr [ebp+0x8]    ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089d7f ff1548900928                                    ds:28099048=7c57eb51
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xbbe (28099048)]
        28089d85 5f               pop     edi
        28089d86 8bc3             mov     eax,ebx
        28089d88 5e               pop     esi
        28089d89 5b               pop     ebx
        28089d8a c9               leave
        28089d8b c20800           ret     0x8
        28089d8e 56               push    esi
        28089d8f 8b742408         mov     esi,[esp+0x8]          ss:0b4f98a7=????????
        28089d93 57               push    edi
        28089d94 8bf9             mov     edi,ecx
        28089d96 8a06             mov     al,[esi]                     ds:24b29e68=d0
        28089d98 84c0             test    al,al
        28089d9a 743e             jz      PerlIO_push+0xf4 (2808d9da)
        28089d9c 3c3d             cmp     al,0x3d
        28089d9e 751e             jnz     win32_utime+0xf8 (280927be)
        28089da0 8a4601           mov     al,[esi+0x1]                 ds:255a3d4e=??
        28089da3 3c5c             cmp     al,0x5c
        28089da5 740e             jz      PerlIO_push+0xcf (2808d9b5)
        28089da7 3c2f             cmp     al,0x2f
        28089da9 740a             jz      Perl_my_socketpair+0x2242 (2808acb5)
        28089dab 0fbec0           movsx   eax,al
        28089dae 0c20             or      al,0x20
        28089db0 83e861           sub     eax,0x61
        28089db3 eb03             jmp     PerlIOBuf_dup+0x2e6 (280907b8)
        28089db5 6a1a             push    0x1a
        28089db7 58               pop     eax
        28089db8 3b442410         cmp     eax,[esp+0x10]         ss:0b4f98a7=????????
        28089dbc 740d             jz      PerlIO_importFILE+0x14e (2808f3cb)
        28089dbe 56               push    esi
        28089dbf e8f8ea0000       call    boot_DynaLoader+0x432 (280988bc)
        28089dc4 59               pop     ecx
        28089dc5 8d740601         lea     esi,[esi+eax+0x1]      ds:00a79ee7=????????
        28089dc9 ebcb             jmp     PL_simple+0x122 (28099d96)
        28089dcb ff742410         push    dword ptr [esp+0x10]   ss:0b4f98a7=????????
        28089dcf 83c604           add     esi,0x4
        28089dd2 8bcf             mov     ecx,edi
        28089dd4 56               push    esi
        28089dd5 e8c1feffff       call    Perl_my_socketpair+0x1228 (28089c9b)
        28089dda 5f               pop     edi
        28089ddb 5e               pop     esi
        28089ddc c20800           ret     0x8
        28089ddf 55               push    ebp
        28089de0 8bec             mov     ebp,esp
        28089de2 81ec08010000     sub     esp,0x108
        28089de8 56               push    esi
        28089de9 8b7508           mov     esi,[ebp+0x8]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089dec 8d4508           lea     eax,[ebp+0x8]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089def 57               push    edi
        28089df0 50               push    eax
        28089df1 8d85f8feffff     lea     eax,[ebp+0xfffffef8]   ss:0aa7f930=00230178
        28089df7 50               push    eax
        28089df8 6805010000       push    0x105
        28089dfd 8bf9             mov     edi,ecx
        28089dff 56               push    esi
        28089e00 ff1550900928                                    ds:28099050=7c57e92f
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xbc6 (28099050)]
        28089e06 85c0             test    eax,eax
        28089e08 7445             jz      win32_kill+0xe9 (28091e4f)
        28089e0a 803e2e           cmp     byte ptr [esi],0x2e          ds:24b29e68=d0
        28089e0d 740a             jz      win32_uname+0xa1 (28092919)
        28089e0f 8b4508           mov     eax,[ebp+0x8]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089e12 85c0             test    eax,eax
        28089e14 7403             jz      win32_kill+0xb3 (28091e19)
        28089e16 802000           and     byte ptr [eax],0x0           ds:00000000=??
        28089e19 80bdf8feffff5c   cmp   byte ptr [ebp+0xfffffef8],0x5c ss:0aa7f930=78
        28089e20 7418             jz      win32_kill+0xd4 (28091e3a)
        28089e22 80bdf8feffff2f   cmp   byte ptr [ebp+0xfffffef8],0x2f ss:0aa7f930=78
        28089e29 740f             jz      Perl_my_socketpair+0x22c7 (2808ad3a)
        28089e2b 0fbeb5f8feffff   movsx  esi,byte ptr [ebp+0xfffffef8] ss:0aa7f930=78
        28089e32 83ce20           or      esi,0x20
        28089e35 83ee61           sub     esi,0x61
        28089e38 eb03             jmp     PerlIOBuf_dup+0x36b (2809083d)
        28089e3a 6a1a             push    0x1a
        28089e3c 5e               pop     esi
        28089e3d 8d85f8feffff     lea     eax,[ebp+0xfffffef8]   ss:0aa7f930=00230178
        28089e43 56               push    esi
        28089e44 50               push    eax
        28089e45 8bcf             mov     ecx,edi
        28089e47 e84ffeffff       call    Perl_my_socketpair+0x1228 (28089c9b)
        28089e4c 897704           mov     [edi+0x4],esi          ds:0175139e=d5f00008
        28089e4f 5f               pop     edi
        28089e50 5e               pop     esi
        28089e51 c9               leave
        28089e52 c20400           ret     0x4
        28089e55 55               push    ebp
        28089e56 8bec             mov     ebp,esp
        28089e58 81ec0c010000     sub     esp,0x10c
        28089e5e 53               push    ebx
        28089e5f 56               push    esi
        28089e60 57               push    edi
        28089e61 8b7d0c           mov     edi,[ebp+0xc]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089e64 33db             xor     ebx,ebx
        28089e66 83ff1b           cmp     edi,0x1b
        28089e69 8bf1             mov     esi,ecx
        28089e6b 0f8dca000000     jnl     Perl_my_socketpair+0x14c8 (28089f3b)
        28089e71 395d08           cmp     [ebp+0x8],ebx          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089e74 0f84c1000000     je      Perl_my_socketpair+0x14c8 (28089f3b)
        28089e7a ff7508           push    dword ptr [ebp+0x8]    ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089e7d ff1554920928                                    ds:28099254=780104a8
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xdca (28099254)]
        28089e83 59               pop     ecx
        28089e84 8dbcbe80010000   lea     edi,[esi+edi*4+0x180]  ds:00cd7638=00cd73b8
        28089e8b 8b0e             mov     ecx,[esi]              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089e8d 8bd8             mov     ebx,eax
        28089e8f ff37             push    dword ptr [edi]        ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089e91 8b01             mov     eax,[ecx]              ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        28089e93 ff5008           call    dword ptr [eax+0x8]    ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089e96 8b0e             mov     ecx,[esi]              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089e98 8d541b04         lea     edx,[ebx+ebx+0x4]      ds:01ce7fbb=00000000
        28089e9c 52               push    edx
        28089e9d 8b01             mov     eax,[ecx]              ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        28089e9f ff10             call    dword ptr [eax]        ds:00000000=????????
        28089ea1 85c0             test    eax,eax
        28089ea3 8945fc           mov     [ebp+0xfc],eax         ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089ea6 8907             mov     [edi],eax              ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089ea8 0f848d000000     je      Perl_my_socketpair+0x14c8 (28089f3b)
        28089eae ff7508           push    dword ptr [ebp+0x8]    ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089eb1 50               push    eax
        28089eb2 ff1550920928                                    ds:28099250=7801048c
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xdc6 (28099250)]
        28089eb8 8b45fc           mov     eax,[ebp+0xfc]         ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089ebb 59               pop     ecx
        28089ebc 59               pop     ecx
        28089ebd 8d5c58fe         lea     ebx,[eax+ebx*2+0xfe]   ds:01ce7fbb=00000000
        28089ec1 668b03           mov     ax,[ebx]                   ds:0126e0d4=d604
        28089ec4 43               inc     ebx
        28089ec5 43               inc     ebx
        28089ec6 663d5c00         cmp     ax,0x5c
        28089eca 7413             jz      PerlIOBuf_dup+0xd (280904df)
        28089ecc 663d2f00         cmp     ax,0x2f
        28089ed0 740d             jz      PerlIO_pop+0x289 (2808d1df)
        28089ed2 33c0             xor     eax,eax
        28089ed4 66c7035c00       mov     word ptr [ebx],0x5c        ds:0126e0d4=d604
        28089ed9 66894302         mov     [ebx+0x2],ax               ds:01ce7fbb=0000
        28089edd eb02             jmp     PerlIO_pop+0x28b (2808d1e1)
        28089edf 33c0             xor     eax,eax
        28089ee1 50               push    eax
        28089ee2 50               push    eax
        28089ee3 8d8df4feffff     lea     ecx,[ebp+0xfffffef4]   ss:0aa7f92c=01688ba8
        28089ee9 6805010000       push    0x105
        28089eee 51               push    ecx
        28089eef 6aff             push    0xff
        28089ef1 ff37             push    dword ptr [edi]        ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089ef3 50               push    eax
        28089ef4 50               push    eax
        28089ef5 ff1558900928                                    ds:28099058=7c5b906f
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xbce (28099058)]
        28089efb 8d85f4feffff     lea     eax,[ebp+0xfffffef4]   ss:0aa7f92c=01688ba8
        28089f01 50               push    eax
        28089f02 e8b5e90000       call    boot_DynaLoader+0x432 (280988bc)
        28089f07 8bd8             mov     ebx,eax
        28089f09 8b450c           mov     eax,[ebp+0xc]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089f0c 59               pop     ecx
        28089f0d 8b0e             mov     ecx,[esi]              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089f0f ff74860c         push dword ptr [esi+eax*4+0xc] ds:00a79ee7=????????
        28089f13 8d7c860c         lea     edi,[esi+eax*4+0xc]    ds:00a79ee7=????????
        28089f17 8b01             mov     eax,[ecx]              ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        28089f19 ff5008           call    dword ptr [eax+0x8]    ds:00a79ee6=????????
        28089f1c 8b0e             mov     ecx,[esi]              ds:24b29e68=230461d0
        28089f1e 8d5301           lea     edx,[ebx+0x1]          ds:01ce7fba=00000000
        28089f21 52               push    edx
        28089f22 8b01             mov     eax,[ecx]              ds:142ae348=0d3eab44
        28089f24 ff10             call    dword ptr [eax]        ds:00000000=????????
        28089f26 85c0             test    eax,eax
        28089f28 8907             mov     [edi],eax              ds:00cd74b8=28099ca0
        28089f2a 740f             jz      win32_async_check+0x161 (28092c3b)
        28089f2c 8d8df4feffff     lea     ecx,[ebp+0xfffffef4]   ss:0aa7f92c=01688ba8
        28089f32 51               push    ecx
        28089f33 50               push    eax
        28089f34 e89be90000       call    boot_DynaLoader+0x44a (280988d4)
        28089f39 59               pop     ecx
        28089f3a 59               pop     ecx
        28089f3b 837e0800         cmp    dword ptr [esi+0x8],0x0 ds:255a3d4e=????????
        28089f3f 7409             jz      PL_simple+0x1d6 (28099e4a)
        28089f41 ff7508           push    dword ptr [ebp+0x8]    ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089f44 ff1554900928                                    ds:28099054=7c57ebb3
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xbca (28099054)]
        28089f4a 5f               pop     edi
        28089f4b 8bc3             mov     eax,ebx
        28089f4d 5e               pop     esi
        28089f4e 5b               pop     ebx
        28089f4f c9               leave
        28089f50 c20800           ret     0x8
        28089f53 55               push    ebp
        28089f54 8bec             mov     ebp,esp
        28089f56 81ec14030000     sub     esp,0x314
        28089f5c 53               push    ebx
        28089f5d 56               push    esi
        28089f5e 57               push    edi
        28089f5f 8b7d08           mov     edi,[ebp+0x8]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089f62 8bf1             mov     esi,ecx
        28089f64 57               push    edi
        28089f65 e852e90000       call    boot_DynaLoader+0x432 (280988bc)
        28089f6a 85c0             test    eax,eax
        28089f6c 59               pop     ecx
        28089f6d 0f8436010000     je      Perl_my_socketpair+0x1636 (2808a0a9)
        28089f73 bb04010000       mov     ebx,0x104
        28089f78 3bc3             cmp     eax,ebx
        28089f7a 7e3d             jle     PerlIO_importFILE+0x3c (2808f2b9)
        28089f7c 53               push    ebx
        28089f7d 8d85ecfcffff     lea     eax,[ebp+0xfffffcec]   ss:0aa7f724=0aa7f8ec
        28089f83 57               push    edi
        28089f84 50               push    eax
        28089f85 ff1558920928                                    ds:28099258=7801033d
                                  call   dword ptr [boot_DynaLoader+0xdce (28099258)]
        28089f8b 8a07             mov     al,[edi]                     ds:00cd74b8=a0
        28089f8d 83c40c           add     esp,0xc
        28089f90 3c5c             cmp     al,0x5c
        28089f92 7404             jz      PerlIO_binmode+0x3f (2808db98)
        28089f94 3c2f             cmp     al,0x2f
        28089f96 7514             jnz     win32_uname+0x134 (280929ac)
        28089f98 8a4701           mov     al,[edi+0x1]                 ds:0175139e=08
        28089f9b 3c5c             cmp     al,0x5c
        28089f9d 740d             jz      PerlIO_binmode+0x53 (2808dbac)
        28089f9f 3c2f             cmp     al,0x2f
        28089fa1 7409             jz      win32_kill+0x246 (28091fac)
        28089fa3 80a5eefdffff00   and    byte ptr [ebp+0xfffffdee],0x0 ss:0aa7f826=ec
        28089faa eb07             jmp     win32_kill+0x24d (28091fb3)
        28089fac 80a5f0fdffff00   and    byte ptr [ebp+0xfffffdf0],0x0 ss:0aa7f828=31
        28089fb3 8dbdecfcffff     lea     edi,[ebp+0xfffffcec]   ss:0aa7f724=0aa7f8ec
        28089fb9 8a4701           mov     al,[edi+0x1]                 ds:0175139e=08
        28089fbc 3c3a             cmp     al,0x3a
        28089fbe 757d             jnz     win32_uname+0x1c5 (28092a3d)
        28089fc0 8a4702           mov     al,[edi+0x2]                 ds:0175139e=08
        28089fc3 8d5f02           lea     ebx,[edi+0x2]          ds:0175139e=d5f00008
        28089fc6 3c5c             cmp     al,0x5c
        28089fc8 7404             jz      PerlIO_binmode+0x75 (2808dbce)
        28089fca 3c2f             cmp     al,0x2f
        28089fcc 750b             jnz     win32_longpath+0x4b (280922d9)
        28089fce 83c678           add     esi,0x78
        28089fd1 8d4508           lea     eax,[ebp+0x8]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        28089fd4 802600           and     byte ptr [esi],0x0           ds:24b29e68=d0
        28089fd7 eb7f             jmp     win32_uname+0x1e0 (28092a58)
        28089fd9 8a07             mov     al,[edi]                     ds:00cd74b8=a0
        28089fdb 3c5c             cmp     al,0x5c
        28089fdd 740e             jz      PerlIO_binmode+0x94 (2808dbed)
        28089fdf 3c2f             cmp     al,0x2f
        28089fe1 740a             jz      Perl_my_socketpair+0x247a (2808aeed)
        28089fe3 0fbec0           movsx   eax,al
        28089fe6 0c20             or      al,0x20
        28089fe8 83e861           sub     eax,0x61
        28089feb eb03             jmp     Perl_PerlIO_stdout+0xa (280909f0)
        28089fed 6a1a             push    0x1a
        28089fef 58               pop     eax
        28089ff0 50               push    eax
        28089ff1 8bce             mov     ecx,esi
        28089ff3 e802010000       call    Perl_my_socketpair+0x1687 (2808a0fa)
        28089ff8 50               push    eax
        28089ff9 8d85f4fdffff     lea     eax,[ebp+0xfffffdf4]   ss:0aa7f82c=00000000
        28089fff 50               push    eax
        2808a000 e8cfe80000       call    boot_DynaLoader+0x44a (280988d4)
        2808a005 8d85f4fdffff     lea     eax,[ebp+0xfffffdf4]   ss:0aa7f82c=00000000
        2808a00b 53               push    ebx
        2808a00c 50               push    eax
        2808a00d e8a4e80000       call    boot_DynaLoader+0x42c (280988b6)
        2808a012 8d85f4fdffff     lea     eax,[ebp+0xfffffdf4]   ss:0aa7f82c=00000000
        2808a018 50               push    eax
        2808a019 e89ee80000       call    boot_DynaLoader+0x432 (280988bc)
        2808a01e 83c414           add     esp,0x14
        2808a021 3d04010000       cmp     eax,0x104
        2808a026 7607             jbe     win32_kill+0x2c9 (2809202f)
        2808a028 80a5f8feffff00   and    byte ptr [ebp+0xfffffef8],0x0 ss:0aa7f930=78
        2808a02f 83c678           add     esi,0x78
        2808a032 8d4508           lea     eax,[ebp+0x8]          ss:0b4f991e=????????
        2808a035 802600           and     byte ptr [esi],0x0           ds:24b29e68=d0
        2808a038 e9a0000000       jmp     Perl_my_socketpair+0x166a (2808a0dd)
        2808a03d 3c5c             cmp     al,0x5c
        2808a03f 7404             jz      Perl_PerlIO_close (2808dc45)
        2808a041 3c2f             cmp     al,0x2f
        2808a043 7520             jnz     win32_uname+0x1ed (28092a65)
        2808a045 8a07             mov     al,[edi]                     ds:00cd74b8=a0

*----> Stack Back Trace <----*

FramePtr ReturnAd Param#1  Param#2  Param#3  Param#4  Function Name
0AA7FA38 28022FEC 0BFCEF94 23B908A0 FFFFFFB0 2802BCDF !Perl_my_socketpair 
0AA7FB34 2802863F 1FDE129C 23B907B0 00000006 1FDE129C !Perl_pad_sv 
0AA7FBBC 2801D736 1FDE129C 0000000F 23E1B6B4 00000000 !Perl_call_list 
0AA7FBF8 2801B084 014EC234 000001D9 20ED3258 00000000 !Perl_newATTRSUB 
00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 !Perl_newGVOP 

*----> Raw Stack Dump <----*
0aa7f9c0  64 08 b9 23 20 1f 2c 0d - a1 a8 08 28 74 9e b2 24  d..# .,....(t..$
0aa7f9d0  9c 12 de 1f 83 a8 08 28 - 74 9e b2 24 8b da 01 28  .......(t..$...(
0aa7f9e0  20 1c 2c 0d 74 9e b2 24 - 64 08 b9 23 9c 12 de 1f   .,.t..$d..#....
0aa7f9f0  bb 33 02 28 9c 12 de 1f - 9c ac 18 01 00 00 00 00  .3.(............
0aa7fa00  a0 08 b9 23 9c 12 de 1f - 64 08 b9 23 9c 12 de 1f  ...#....d..#....
0aa7fa10  88 1e 81 00 64 08 b9 23 - e0 83 2e 02 9c 12 de 1f  ....d..#........
0aa7fa20  d4 e0 26 01 6c ef fc 0b - 94 ef fc 0b 01 00 00 00  ..&.l...........
0aa7fa30  44 ef fc 0b 01 00 00 00 - 34 fb a7 0a ec 2f 02 28  D.......4..../.(
0aa7fa40  94 ef fc 0b a0 08 b9 23 - b0 ff ff ff df bc 02 28  .......#.......(
0aa7fa50  9c 12 de 1f d4 e0 26 01 - 00 00 00 00 9c 12 de 1f  ......&.........
0aa7fa60  01 00 00 00 17 04 06 28 - 9c 12 de 1f 9c 12 de 1f  .......(........
0aa7fa70  9c 5e 02 28 9c 12 de 1f - 9c 12 de 1f 44 5d 02 28  .^.(........D].(
0aa7fa80  9c 12 de 1f 00 fb a7 0a - 00 00 00 00 b4 b6 e1 23  ...............#
0aa7fa90  9c 12 de 1f b0 07 b9 23 - 64 fb a7 0a 34 fb a7 0a  .......#d...4...
0aa7faa0  01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - 9c 12 de 1f 80 fa a7 0a  ................
0aa7fab0  a4 5c 02 28 a4 ff a7 0a - 00 00 00 00 30 32 43 56  .\.(........02CV
0aa7fac0  00 00 00 00 68 01 23 00 - 00 30 af 24 05 00 00 00  ....h.#..0.$....
0aa7fad0  38 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  8...............
0aa7fae0  00 38 af 24 78 01 23 00 - 90 32 af 24 98 32 af 24  .8.$x.#..2.$.2.$
0aa7faf0  28 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - 00 b0 db 7f 00 b0 db 7f  (...............

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