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From "David Willams" <>
Subject Re: global vs multi-process
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2007 05:33:51 GMT
Thanks Perrin - I have a translator-type application where the total store
size of %CACHE key=values is in the low-millions.

When the translation happens on a random, ad hoc string of sometimes
thousands of "words",  the process simply does something like this:

  hfj kei hty ... jan oej wio

  $CACHE{hfj} $CACHE{kei} $CACHE{hty} ... $CACHE{jan} $CACHE{oej}

This is easy if I simply load the translation key=values once (from a
RDBMS). Although the hash itself is at least a few or more MB's in size,
this works perfectly rather than being forced to do a RDBMS lookup for every
single word (or a split-out large word list) to complete each string.

The only hang-up is that periodically (every few translation cycles), some
individual key values may change.

Right now, the child processes just hold their breath and reload %CACHE
whenever this happens.

Furthermore, the volume of these translations are rising (thousands per
hour) which is why I want to just globalize CACHE and provide a way to
update keys perhaps within a separate mechanism.

Thanks again

On 9/5/07, Perrin Harkins <> wrote:
> On 9/6/07, David Willams <> wrote:
> > Child processes cannot update %CACHE, so what other apache methods or
> > architectural strategies exist (creative, elaborate, etc) or have been
> used
> > to update a similar hash?
> You'll find many discussions about sharing data in the list archives
> and in the mod_perl books.  Some basic options:
> - Cache::FastMmap
> - BerkeleyDB
> - Cache::Memcached
> > Unfortunately, a database will not work for my current problem.
> If you could explain what your requirements are, we might be able to
> make better suggestions.  If the issue is speed, BerkelyDB and
> Cache::FastMmap are both significantly faster than an RDBMS.
> - Perrin

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